Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saori 3 day warping,threading, sewing intensive classes

Linda has had her Saori wx60 loom for about a year and never had a chance to come take a threading and warping class until this past week. While she was here she wanted to bring some hand woven cloth to make into garments .So we had a busy 3 days!

 happiness is taking home two finished garments 

 Linda is showing me her  Saori fabric she brought to sew. there is hand hand spun and some thurms and many wonderful textures creating a one of a kind pallet!

    Having fun trying on muslins . we narrowed it down 4 possibilites ( there are over 40 muslins to chose from that i have created for trying on) taking  in to consideration  the width and length of the hand wovens she brought .

a brief break  upstairs in the spinning studio  
there are many models of wheel to try in the studio. some models in stock others i can order and have shipped to you within a  couple of weeks

  we got right down to  learning the winding a warp techniques for the Kenzo table top beaming threading system here

in less than 2 hours  linda had a beamed on first warp scarf lenght  to take home !

  she chose lovely colors of yarns !

  and here is the warp wraped and ready to take home . she can thread it when ever she wants ! she made her own ready made warp!

laying out her fabric for a long asymmetrical vest  piecing in the saori way!

the sewing the pieces together

" I love it already"!!!

  and it fits and drapes beautifully!

  essential !pockets!

  the runway walk!

  classes are scheduled SAORI SANTA CRUZ CLASS LINK ( email me )

there is a vent/ overlap on the right side back

   taking  a break….learning a new art yarn  spinning tecnique
 inbetween warping and sewing

nwinding her second warpnback to front kenzo method.

  ask me how much i love the ASHFORD 6 CONE THREAD STANDS HERE !! IT JUST CAME OUT THIS YEAR AND  it is such a easy to pick up and move around thread holder! it holds tubes large cone easily and NO eye hooks to catch in the seams to drag or catch  your yarn like all of the other yarn stand out there ! the plastic smooth holes in the wooden frame guide is the best think ever!


  with this longer and wider  second warp  linda is going to thread her inside set  ( harnesses and reed ) comfortably right on the table top.much faster than conventional loom , and way more ergonomic

 all tied up in a bundle to go home with her to hang on her loom in ten minutes and weave!

there is a story attached to this second hand woven yardage Linda brought!  normally i do not teach with hand woven fbric that looks  like a machine could have woven it not a saori philosophy piece  ...
 but i was up for a challenge .
this pices  was woven in a traditional weaving class on a traditional loom. she took.
 the instructor was teaching the classic bog top class (where it is a basic retangle with a opening woven it so there is little sewing .)
 the square you see was waste yarn to be pulled out and the warp threads then used for a small row of fringe at the square neckline.
 the weaving is the opposite of saori philosphy be "bold and adventurous " and " human not machines"!
i was under no obligation to use it but i twisted fringes and threw it in the washer in hot and the  dryer to shrink it and hope that it would give the piece some texture.
 linda said the  original instructors design for the bog  top top would have been unflattering on her and probably to small as well… she really did not expect to make anything from it  just  wanting any my thoughts if it could be utalized at all…
i felt like Scarlet O'Hara in' gone with the wind' taking her draperies and creating a dress from them… i was on a mission!
i  decided i was up for the challenge
here  is the yardage  before ( but after i washed and dried it) to me the most intresting thing about the whole yardage was the square (that was supposed to discarded!)
 no way! i love that part !

 seveal muslins linda tried on whould have worked but there was how long did we actually have  to send on making it ? 

  there were time restraints… could we do it?  and make something interesting ?

  piecing the back  in the SAORI WAY! i actually chose a muslin she had pull out and liked for her other fabric but we did not use that style. and we had just enought fabric to try it!

featuring the fringes piecing for interest here is how i solved boredom !
   on lower right hand side front i  has a piece of saori weaving of hers from a sample she wove and brought . it is  at the hem  line and gives it interest .

  we featured the square on the left lower front placment.

 it is cotton and has a seersucker  appeal to it! we be cool for summer layering! did we suceed?

 time to learn some  weaving tecniques 

  yes ! she loves the vest! yea saori influence helping to create a usuable yet more creative  garment that fits her and she will enjoy wearing over the original version it was intended for.

 Linda you are heading home with new skills and new clothes!! it was very fun to meet you!


 Debbie  one of my local students came over early in the week . she tried on my indigo dyed bias dress

 IT fit her perfectly.. and it went home with her!

PEACEFUL WEAVING, SPINNING, SEWING  in the redwood mountians of california 

Jill Nickolene Sanders