Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sewing Saori hand woven clothing class in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Two days of sewing  classes creating garments from Saori hand woven cloth this week.
Leigh ann Brought her Amazing weavings she wove on her SAORI WX60 LOOM  here.

Leigh Anne started weaving and sewing coming to the studio to  explore fiber arts for the first time  not quite 2 years ago. You can go back in my blogs a couple of years to see her progression, but from the first yardage she brought to sewing class to design I  knew she was a  becoming a talented weaver !

  In saori we  piece  our narrower weavings by together into wider sections to create clothing. no need for wider looms,  piecing just adds to the creative process

  In  my classes i start with the student trying on either saori garments or muslins i have made over 40 of them as of this week. this really helps the student judge how the garment will hang and fit  before cutting the fabric.

  take a look and the beautiful yardage Leigh Ann wove!


  trying on muslins

  a few muslins .. she chose several  but we needed to alter the sleeves to fit and the length

 Then out into the tree house sewing studio  holding up the fabric to see how certain sections looked

  then cutting  pinning, piecing sewing ..

  basting and sewing
  a early try on  of the coat leigh ann  is making  fits great!

different ways to wear the front and collar

 the shape of this design along with her fabric created a marvelous wearable art coat! leigh ann  will sew  the  inside seam finishing and buttons etc etc at home 

  a very productive sewing day! i so love the coat leigh ann!

 day 2 
She is back with left over good size piees of her Saori hand wovens  to fashion another garment . after trying on muslins again  I  decided a total of about 6 yards at least to create a  jacket  would be needed

  here we layed out and looked at how the  many pieces would look  in different layouts and then  went to work sewing them into a wider cohesive whole . sewing them together  in order to cut them out.
  pratically zero waste!

  she had 5-6 different weavings  scraps from  separate warps  and we used them all!

  lets try on after a baste to see how it looks

  ok it fits now to go back and sew again ...
  now to sew for real.. 


  a very very cool jacket!!!


I got to spin this week with my local Maven's  group . I took my spinolution firefly e spinner here with the 32 oz flyer! spinnign my sparkly batts I carded on my Clemes and clems Elite  drum carder .

 Wishing everyone a peaceful happy Thanksgiving!

fiber arts in the coastal redwood forest

Jill Nickolene Samders



 saori weaving, spinning and sewing classes here  email me or call to schedule a class.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fun to weave Saori now that we are inside with cooler weather upon us

Martina and Allyson came to learn about Saori weaving this week

  learning to use  the battery fringe twister!

MOLLY AND HOLLY came for class too this week

  Holly is  SAORI weaving for the first time, and Molly is threading a ready made warp away from the loom at a table top

 Hollys first weaving!
  MOLLY'S harnesses threaded but she forgot her reed .. no problem she will thread the reed  on the loom at home.

  oh Saori how i love your INSIDE SETS HERE

sucess she sent me a photo you can not see the shiny gold threads!

 Molly tried on my fall equinox jacket  i am being slow in putting this jacket up on etsy.. it is sooo beautiful!but it is for sale!


 my spinolution firefly espinner
my pollywog pollywog in stock here
 and my louet victoria wnet for a spin at a coffe house with my friends yesterday

wound in a ball before i left these are my hand dyed rovings i dyed solar low water waste.


Jill Nickolene Sanders

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