Friday, November 10, 2017

3 day Saori Weaving and Sewing Retreat

I welcomed Teresa and Jenny , who were each others long time freinds, from out of state for a 3 day work shop last week.
Teresa wanted to learn how to wind a warp and and  get threading down really well  and then on the  last day some sewing of the yardage jenney and she each  brought with them into saori garments.

 here teresa is twisting her fringes for her scarf she finished  while here … lets look at her class is winding the warp for this scarf and threading using the KENZO TABLE TOP WARPING SYSTEM and other things.

  she chose her colors of yarns and then  off to the warping frame … saori warping frame here

 kenzo table top beaming and threading system here

  Jenny arrived a few hours latter and started to weave some small wall hangings for her RV.

baskets spilling over with yarns  on lovely autumn day….

  and the piccolo is ready to weave  for her scarf!

 a rare shot of me demostrating a tecnique at the wx60 for jenny.

end of day one~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  day 2 teresa picked out some lovely wool warps for  her next warp  that she will take home for her Saori CH60 loom here

  jenny watching and learning

 all done winding a warp

time to place the sections in the dividing rod.

  and then beam on on the table top

all done 11 to 12 yards taped and ready to take home on the plane in her luggage .

 jenny wanted to watch this time  around , not ready to wind her her warps .
 she took her two hangings off the loom! she will twist fringes and she chose some branches for them and tomrrow will bring them to show us !

end of day 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

day three is sewing!!!!

 fun trying on gaments

and muslins

 here are the weavings jenny  brought  to sew into garments

 and her two hangings she just  finished !

here are Teresa's fabrics for sewing she brought

 she chose the far right and and top pale rose to use and there was not enough of the back with silk pops fabric to do the designs she wanted.

these two  have been friends for over 40 years ,they knew each other  and met from the husbands early days of their  careers when they lived in  another state at that  time .

piecing sewing draping 

 teresa made some awesome lined pockets don't you think?
 jenny wanted a vest she wanted asymmetrical hems..

 teresa's top with a huge collar and hood and patch pockets is done!  "just what i wanted, a hood!"

 i love it! "it feels sooo good i am going wear it home on the plane"

 jenny had less fabric to work with but it was enough for this cute vest she said"it fits my traveling all the time life style and personality , i love it"

 jenny needed to leave early the last day , but there was time for one more garment for teresa to make before she caught her plane .
 she had tried on a vest i had made from the saori red begining design  saori red book here early in the morning  … so we decided to to sew that one!

 here is her fabric sewen in the  saori " draping collar vest"

 everything fit in her  suitcase  and got packed and off she went to the airport!
it was a really wonderful  3 full  days of saori immersion!
 some spinning activities

 our local guild  started having a once a month sponsor a mentor meeting  a few months ago ,nothing formal .this month was spinning  and  so i brought my WHEELS .

 here is my electric spinner the SPINOLUTION FIRFLY WHEEL here being tried out by a intrested new spinner.

 it was big hit!
was enjoyed by many...
 some more members helping new to introduce  spinning to others

  a student coming to pick up her new wx60 loom ….

 and a new piccolo bag i just finished fresh off my sewing machine!

peaceful weaving, spinning and sewing in the  California redwood mountains
Jill N Sanders

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