Thursday, April 23, 2015

Days 5, 6 Emily's Saori weaving retreat at Saori Santa Cruz

Day 5  and 6 peddle to the metal to finish the weaving so that Emily can sew her  Saori tops!
and so Antoinette can weave her vest!! 

 Antoinette wore her cool jacket that she made at home last month  to the class to share ...

  weaving out on the teaching deck as the sun comes out..

 a lot of weaving pprogressing

unfurled from the loom


Time to cut out her  pieces 

Antoinette was still weaving her piece.
 I really  like it!

I did it!
pressing is very important...

pinned sewing

 I love it!!!

Jon came by to  learn how thread his  saori loom with the new warp that he wound at home .

love these colors!

  Trying on her first top " it is beyond what I had envisioned,love the layers"  yes she loves it!

  champagne always is super fun, we toast to a great week Emily!!! thank you Jon for bring the bubbly !

 Emily is off to the airport  brimming full of many new techniques and  new ways to to warp, weave, sew and  design  from the past week here immersed into Saori weaving .

 then …….

Kori dropped by right as Emily was leaving down the road. Kori SHARED with us her amazing new yardage all the blues are her hand dyed Indigo that she grew and dyed and most of the yarns for weft is hand spun and that she  wove on her wx60 saori  loom  ...

Jon brought Jenny's  Saori weaving to show me ( jenny is blind from birth)
I fell in love with it, my DH bought it for me  for our anniversary!!! I am so happy! 

I can't wait to instal it on my Gallery wall!

Peace at the loom
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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