Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SAORI weaving at Scotts Valley Artisans

A newely formed art gallery and teaching space SCOTTS VALLEY ARTISANS , SVA web link has been formed in the Santa Cruz  California Mountains . A lovely large light filled gallery and teaching space with varied artisans and craftsman. I will be teaching saori weaving there .....when I get my schedule to them..... I put in some of my saori woven pieces in there gallery.
 A new piece of clothing " Iceplant on the cliffs  vest "

"tides edge dress and shrug"

some journals and small "woven paintings "and scarves.

peaceful weaving
etsy shop

Monday, April 16, 2012

people/sewing/weaving stuff

This blog is a mixture of students weavings, and sewing guild meeting, and people trying on my saori woven clothing and my new woven designs  so here it goes....
 Robins new weaving

 A new vest I wove designed and sewed. it is "called ice plant on the cliffs" it looks really great on robin.

 some more of robins weavings.

 our sewing guild was delighted to be introduced to Saori weaving . It is hosted at  a member's home that is very delightful and charming .

A few tried on my" tides edge" beach jumper that can be tied in the front and back with matching shrug . they really loved the loom and the feel and drape of the hand woven cloth in my clothing.

Tied in the front on one person

Tied in the back with the jacket/shrug on another member.

This member showed her sketches and designs  for a up coming play, she is a  stage costume designer.

 A woven and felted wool bag with leather handels I just finished

 and I want to show you jon's new saori weaving. The mint green textured weft is old nylon fishing nets that were  gathered by him when he found them washed ashore in Hawaii on his last trip there in February. Also white nets cut up as weft added as well. Just fantastic!

Peaceful weaving
jill nickolene
esty saorisantacruz

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Introducing the new SAORI WX60 all wood folding loom

I received my Saori WX60 new loom order from Japan this week.You can order the WX60 either broken down , assembly required, or almost completely assembled.( the latter costing twice as much or more in  shipping.)
I took photos and timed my self assembling. Simple tools required, a screw driver, wrench, hammer .

 ok I got intreupted with a phone call so subtract 7 mins.

 The directions were clear the parts numbered to corresponding small stickers.

 I was running out of time so when i got to the harness assembly and heddles I saved it for the next day, and put a inside set on that I had ready.


Next day doing the  Harness and heddle assembly

 easy method, tie the string threaded in the heddles to the harness bars and slip the heddles right on, smooth.
 ok got intruuped , had to talk to our letter carrier, and sign for a parcel, then make a phone call
so the total time is only about 30 mins. for the harness assembly.
 side by side comparisom
right the sx60 metal frame loom folded right  next to the wx60 . both looms are the same width folded, same height, same length . weight of the new wx60 27.1 lbs weight of the sx60 32.4 lbs. when I picked them both up I could barely discern a weight difference between the two but the wx60 is about 5 lbs lighter..

 This is the differnt braking system. If you have woven on the non folding saori 60 looms this is the same braking system  that is on those looms. It is a friction brake and I truly love it. no cables to fuss with. I found that I needed to release the tension at the cloth beam before I touched the foot pedal to advance with out releasing too much warp,  but I have woven on it 5 mins at the most. This may change.
the total  assembly time is about 3 hours give or take a bit. not bad at all it was kind of fun!

The WX60  is really a lovey all wood  folding loom with the excellent quality and options that  that are compatabile with unique accessories only found with Saori looms.

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peaceful weaving
jill nickolene
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