Friday, September 25, 2020

Hand spinning cotton on a ashford espinner 3 , Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Stand one size fits 3 loom widths

  Review  of the Ashford  just released new rigid heddle loom stand ! I got my shippment last week . one size adjusts to fit  the 16" , 24" and 32" looms! here are photos of my 32" loom on the new stand. 


It took me 1/2 hour to assemble the stand and place my 32" ashford rigid heddle loom on it .
the vertical members are thick and sturdy as are the braces. the loom slipped into the frame easily and the turn knobs adjusted the angle well. 

ashford uses barrel nuts and bolts for ease of assembly with a allen wrench , they knew me , I might lose the allen wrench so they have a special spot in the base to store it! 
 i dissasembled the stand in about 15 minutes or less 

 but besides being adjustable widths the new stand allows for the freedom roller to be on it ! the original stand you could not use the freedom roller! the 48" rh loom will have it's own new stand in a few weeks as well, similar but wider.
 freedom roller you can get here BUY ASHFORD HERE IN MY ETSY SHOP


my Saori shippments are coming in and i recieved lots of the ready made warps all sizes cotton and wool 

 premade saori warps here in my Etsy shop

  yes i ship daily ! but also….



my 4 year project of  hand spining all the weft with organic cotton weaving is finished !

link to my espiner3 etsy ashford espinner


we had to evacuate ourf home and studio for 12 days because of the californbia lighting strike fires in the santa cruz mountains. I was readying my self  to lose everything i thought . we stayed at at our daughters home in santa cruz . the air was so bad it made me sick. we could not stay inside because of the temporay living building in her back yard, covid made this much worse as we needed to wear masks as distance .  

 this was a high noon

 it cleared up only a few hours to this degree and went back to the worst air polution in the world. again

 mean time i spent a day weaving on the Saori  piccolo a roller towel for my daughter 


as our daughter sat and sewed covid face masks  near to me 

 our eight year grand son wanted to weave a scarf 

 he picked out the yarn out a tote of supplies i brought 

on the last we were there he finished it , we got word that  it was safe to go back home...
 how grateful we are that our home and studio did not burn down. our immediate area  was spared

 when i got back i was busy shipping orders that came in while we were evacuated 
then i wove this. i needed to stay inside because of the poor air quality

 you can see the orange sky and the mountains 

 this was the warp from a saori inside set i put on my ch60 saori loom to weave .

the loss of lives, property and wildlife in california  and whole west coast is devastating. Global warming is destroying our plant. follow Greta Thurnberg, the voice of the youth that do not want to see there life  destroyed .

peace,clean arir, clean water and love