Saturday, April 23, 2022

student taking a sewing handwovens sewing intensive class at SAORI SANTA CRUZ

 Meet katie. she is a retired university professor emeritus who spent the entire covid pandemic spindle spinning and weaving on her saori piccolo40 loom ! she had 40 plus yards of hand spun weft yarns fabric wanting to be sewn into garments .

look at our two full days of her sewing intensive this week .

all this beautiful yardage she brought .

Katie  Trying on my saori clothing and many mock up muslin styles I have made on the rack 
how clothing fits is important! 

  the first choices for a oversized coat katie tried on and wanted to sew .

katie arriving with all her saori  yardage!

a photo of me  that Katie took the first day you can see the many mock up samples for students to try on.

cutting her first yardage for the jacket 

here i am checking the lay out of katies yardage 

i am looking on  at katies  lay out and   taking photos 

time to sew !!!

she loves it !!!!

we added huge pockets 
all finished , i leave finish work for the student to do at home so that we can get more done that way and of course the student can decide on that option.

  katie walking up the tree house studio where i teach sewing

second garment  is being started at the end of the first day . the violet  bias top 

again she will do the finish work at home  beautiful  on you katie!

second day third garment a artist vest

showing katie how to pin and piece 

 i adore this long vest!

 again katie  chose to do the finish work at home and yes it was a intensive 2 days but very productive 

katie said this 

"Jill you are so magnificent! All my buddies, in person and on FB are in awe of your facilitations and art teaching! I am too!

Spent the day visiting friends who were so jealous of this kind of sewing 

Thx Jill! I look forward to more times working with you and creating more to transform"
Katie K