Saturday, April 23, 2022

Classes in learning spin yarn Saorisantacruz in Felton California

 Since I reopened my well ventilated open air studio  in January of this year I have enjoyed seeing new and returning students schedule classes in weaving and learning to spin and sewing handwovens. 

Janice Taught herself to spin using utube etc  because of covid but she never had a in person classes. 
She and I had fun learning new techniques and hand positioning , carding fleece , she left with new knowledge feeling more cofindent .


 learning to drum card LOUET DRUM CARDERS GO HERE

Janice's finished yarn


Natalie  hasd been busy since our first class 2 months ago. she has spun up these two skeins and even more on bobbins. however her inherited Ashford travler wheel had issues, one of which i solved with a new foot man to treadle leather which helped a lot. and watched her hands carefully to correct some drawing fibers out …she loves merino BUT she is still learning and 100% merino fiber is not the best fiber to learn to spin on. 

trying tecnique on the Ashford espinner3 here 

plying on her traveler wheel with the large plying head


I Spent a few hours spinning some art yarn  on my spinolution firefly last week to wind down after finishing taxes , yes it helped me a lot!


Jill Nickolene Sanders 

weaving and spining and sewing classes in the Santa Cruz  redwood mountains 

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