Monday, November 26, 2012

Saori warping frame, threading and cross holder , and wx60 folding loom

How much fun  it is to wind a warp on the Saori warping frame and stand!  easy on the back too.A new student took two half days of classes at Saori Santa Cruz studio SAORI CLASSES  this past week end and fell head over heels in love with saori looms and equipment.

The saori new warping frame is totally height adjustable , it can lean against a wall or you can get the optional stand which allows it to be free standing, and  the stand  folds down quickly for storage with the warping frame/board as well.

 instead of holding the cross or using lease sticks saori has there own invention designed by Kenzo Jo called a" cross holder" cross holder info  you lay your cross into it  and then sley your reed for a front to back loom dressing.

 finished threaded reed using the saori threading holder.
 As easy as turning a door handle you set  the threading holder up , insert your harnesses and start threading . THREADING HOLDER INFO
Notice you  are away from the loom in a ergonomic position  any table or set up  that you are comfortable with.
 Harnesses and reed threaded.... now you simply carry them togehter over to the loom and hook  them up  easily  now time to beam on.

 Beaming  the warp on with the Saori wood (wx60) folding floor loom. the end of the first half day.

Second day my student starts her weaving, learns to wind bobbins 
  and she is very happy with the quietness and ease of the Saori looms and the built in bobbin winder that come on every loom..WX60 LOOM INFO
 A beautiful gauzy weave. using colors of yarns she choose form the hundreds of cones of yarns  on the studio shelves.

 Her beautiful scarf is not done but she will finish it at home .A new saori loom followed her to her car  There is another unique feature  only on  saori looms called "the inside set" where you can remove your weaving with out re threading and put it on again when ever you want.! I can not wait to see it peggy's finished scarf , I love the colors she chose.

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saori weaving as a featured artist at a local gallery

The past week end I  brought a couple of SAORI  looms to the SVA Gallery. To demo weaving and  showcase my fiber art pieces that I show there as a featured artist.

 My unique knitted and felted purses

 A few children with there parents and grandparents  tried saori weaving.

Purples wool warp to design a winter coat or jacket when it comes off the loom.

Earlier in the week my weaving student Linda stopped by the studio  to purchase some yarn cone sets and  she brought her mobius cowls she had just finished to show me, they are just  fantastic! beautiful! I only wish the sparkles would show up in the photographs!

she wove this one wide enough for a double wrap which can be used as a hood!
Linda is coming up on her first year of weaving anniversary! She has woven amazing pieces I lost count of the number of scarves and woven and felted bags, and now cowls that she has done!

 The new Saori " Chelsea morning butterscotoch " special wool cone set, one left .
Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Children's weaving classes on Saori looms

Glimpse into the children's class at the studio, amazing . I faded into the back ground as two students wove for the first time .

 Choose your own yarns, wind your  own bobbins, feed the boat  shuttle.....


Tie off your warp ends.

I over heard some comments, " what is it when you have fun doing somthing?" the other childs answer, " I think you call that ART"
 When I gave them a 10 minute warning that the class was over. " wow class is over already?, It was like only 15 minutes long right?' I answered , nope two hours.  " Really, I  have never taken a class that was so fun, and went by so fast", other student, "I do not want to stop, hurry lets use the yarns we really want to use, I just love weaving."

 It's November 6th in the Santa Cruz Mountains here in California . We are having a Indian summer , today it could reach 90 degrees. Views of our property off the deck, ash tree, plum, gingko, japanase maple....

Peaceful fun weaving in the redwoods 
Jill Nickolene
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A just recived a  email from one of the girls mom......

thank you so much jill, you are very kind! thanks for sending the pictures.
the girls had a wonderful time with you. their creations are so beautiful, we were all amazed!!
you'll be hearing from us again soon for sure.