Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Children's weaving classes on Saori looms

Glimpse into the children's class at the studio, amazing . I faded into the back ground as two students wove for the first time .

 Choose your own yarns, wind your  own bobbins, feed the boat  shuttle.....


Tie off your warp ends.

I over heard some comments, " what is it when you have fun doing somthing?" the other childs answer, " I think you call that ART"
 When I gave them a 10 minute warning that the class was over. " wow class is over already?, It was like only 15 minutes long right?' I answered , nope two hours.  " Really, I  have never taken a class that was so fun, and went by so fast", other student, "I do not want to stop, hurry lets use the yarns we really want to use, I just love weaving."

 It's November 6th in the Santa Cruz Mountains here in California . We are having a Indian summer , today it could reach 90 degrees. Views of our property off the deck, ash tree, plum, gingko, japanase maple....

Peaceful fun weaving in the redwoods 
Jill Nickolene
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A just recived a  email from one of the girls mom......

thank you so much jill, you are very kind! thanks for sending the pictures.
the girls had a wonderful time with you. their creations are so beautiful, we were all amazed!!
you'll be hearing from us again soon for sure.

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