Friday, October 26, 2012

Learning to spin with a drop spindle

Mara is a senior in high school, and has been fascinated with fibers, and  yarns, and other fiber arts for some time now. This was her first introduction into learning to spin ( a gift from her nanny Audry, thank you Audry for introducing her to fibers!).
I must say she did amazing for her drop spindle class, spinning various varieties of fleeces.

First  park and draft.

 next spinning  dyed roving, separated into pencil roving strips

learning  plying

 looking good!

 Learning on a bottom whorl turkish spindle.

 plying the second skein.

 We took off the two ply yarn from the  niddy noddy, now  Mara is  making a skein, and then we will soak it .

 a fantastic first time spinner, with two little pretty skeins to take home. The first little skeins, from fleece to yarn  are always the the most treasured and magical,

Peaceful  weaving and spinning in the redwoods
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