Monday, October 22, 2012

Saori weaving with 3 and 5 year olds

What do super heros and birthdays have to do with Saori weaving? Take a look and see.
Children as young as 3 can weave on the Saori piccolo looms. This week end two saori looms and I went to a costume birthday party and what fun ........

  This one is still to young to weave but teething on a shuttle would be a start.


 This 5 year old ( above photo) took to weaving and would not stop  for at least 2 hours, no bouncy castles, or pizza, face painting or cake could draw her away from the loom! The piƱata finely lured her away, and she came back with her plastic bag  with goodies, and jelly bellies etc. clutched in one hand and the shuttle in another ready to keep weaving!

 I wish I had taken more photos of super heros weaving, it was such a great day, and many of the children were drawn naturally to the looms, and for very first time weavers did very well, but more importantly had  loads of fun.

Peaceful Weaving

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