Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jill Sanders 2012 Santa Cruz county's open studio tour

With  a year of producing, and months of preparation my Santa Cruz County Open Studio tour Saturday, and Sunday happened with perfect autumn weather The day before we had rain when I hung the hand woven banners.....

Friday the day before however was the third day of un expected rain. So the banner instalation went up , yes  in the rain.
 woven banners stacked and waiting to be hanged.

My husband lee and freind Jon with the ladder preparing the hardware and pullys so that I could hoist up and bring down the banners my self.

 Jon lashing the  bamboo together for hanging the banners.

 Then it was just me and the tying of  the banners to the bamboo poles hoisting and steping back to look then  lowering them etc. till they hung just right. The rain was light enough so the banners did not get too wet, just me. First banner up, my wool rectangles .
 Then the other 4

From left to right first thinner  cotton  banner  was woven by as many as  50 different  children when I was at various  venues the last three months introducing saori weaving  , then my wool" banner  in greens', followed by the" burning man "red cotton banner and the far right is my" moon stone beach "wool banner.

The stacks of 25 or more signs and frames needed to guide patrons to find my studio (which my husband drove about 7 miles away and placed them ).

Mean while inside  my slide show of my process on my digital photo frame played 100's of photos.

here is Jennifer , one of my students  and friend and  great helper trying one of my handwoven designed tops.

A friend and and student and weaver Robin graced the the two days with her talented harp music adding to the peaceful sunny wonderful atmosphere.

 people came!
and touched, and tried on and nibbled , and listened to music......

Transept scarves 

 Peace flag jacket
 Hand painted skeins of wool I dyed for my mohair art throws

 The one sleeve stole was tried on from children through adults and loved by all!

my "ethereal translucent" silk jacket and scarf

hand spun scarf , and my "woven painted canvases " and hand painted ,dyed, skeins of wool.

"koi pond jacket"

my knitted and felted wool bags.

'koi pond " jacket  try ons and  modeling 


some of my grand children helped too.....

more fun people 

 A happy Leslie and a  mobis cowl went home with her.

 Robin and Jennifer at the saori loom

A person came  in with this Tshirt which had a quote  I loved.

 How can I Thank you enough?  All the amazing help I recieved to be able to do open studios this year starting with my.....

my husband Lee

 my son Jayant
 Jenifer my Friend and student
 my son Pradeep

my DIL Kristen ( who does not play the harp but would like too)

my friend Jon

and my Friend Robin (who does play the harp...

....and to all of you who came and supported the fiber arts, Open studios and my work! 
I know some of you who had injuries, and tight schedules but YOU DID come to acknowledge,  and experence my  textile arts show.  Your support was so important and awesome. I am forever grateful for your true freind ship and that you had a unique fiber arts experience of my weaving instalation, autumn sun, live harp music, and enrichment of the arts!

Jill Nickolene Sander


  1. saw your link on the Australian Saori website and am glad I took the time to investigate your blog.
    The items looked wonderful and all the people happy. The diversity of the garments is a good advertisement for saori weaving it is a shame you are on the other side of the world as I would love to visit and see your creations in person.
    Happy weaving, TassieDot

  2. What a beautiful event! The studio looks so welcoming.


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