Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Saori Kenzo threading system, Spinning student , and teaching Teaching Saori weaving to a student on the Autism spetrum

 Glimpsing into the last month or so  at the studio with  weaving and spinning students and the last photos are with our familys winter solstice gathering 
bring in the longer light days here in north america and hearld in the new year!

This  student you have seen before it is Saahita. she is amazing, and is on the spectrum but producing lovely weavings now!

saahitti is very talented and her disability is not holding her expression  creativity back I LOVE Saori!

  Manju her mother came to learn how to remove and replace a inside set because she wants to buy a loom for saahitti  to use at home

  great job manju!

  Saahitti's  amazing aide Roopa brings her to most classes I am teaching Roopa how to weave as well!

 another amazing scarf!

 Roopa's first weaving!

 Back again for more weaving

  my hand knit Tomte's ( gnomes)  are keeping the studio lively durning the holidays!

 saahitti's pillow top  and Roopa's second ever woven saori piece.

  Saahita has her own ch60 loom now at her home, I took over a Saori CH60 LOOM to her all set up! she still comes for classes  but she can weave at home now too!
Saori weaving is for abilities and ages..

  here is her loom and bench  in her lovely home set up


Saori try it class new students trying on some of my saori woven clothing  and sewn designs

  Karen trying on some pieces

  mary is too!

  Karen and mary both are going to buy Saori ( actually Karen bought hers last week and will assemble it durning christmas break.) I have many looms and equipment in stock no waiting  email me .


 Antoinette  bought a new Spinolution Bullfrong wheel  and is learning to spin!

  spinolution bullfrong wheel here she has had 3 ankle surgeries and she has found the spinolution bull frog the easiest wheel made to treadle , it is amazing!

 she picked up her wheel  at the studio had a class and went home to practice   for a week 

  she is back for some more practice in a class while Mary is weaving she second day class.

  francine is back in class  warping  and threading ...
 Mary's 3rd  day weaving

francine is winding more warps on the wonderful saori warping frame here

  Mary's pillow top off the loom!

  francine beaming on two different warps

  she like traditional weaving , this is a green for place matts


  while Antoinette  is learning art yarn on her wheel  in her 3rd class.

 and she is using  an amazing warp  Shoppel wool crazy  sock yarn that I carry no  in the studio from Germany.

 Antoinette is very  happy with  learning her art yarn stacks  technique !

  check out the 4  wound warps Francine did in one day full  busy class!

  Using the Kenzo table top method is fast and painless and she threaded one warp with the 4 harness away from  the loom as well!

 threading her 4 h saori reed and harnesses with the kenzo system.

  she took her inside set here home hung it on here loom and started weaving! hr finished scarves  photo is  futher down.

  marking is important  to write down what reed you paln to use for the set, how long the warp is the width in the reed etc

  re spacing out the warp in the dividing rod

  tada! her own ready mde warp!

 silver and boucle yarns with the wool

she is doing sooo amazingly well!

  and a few weeks later she brought  by her  scarves  that were woven to show me!

  here are some of here earlier  saori warps scarves she had woven to show me too from september ! fantastic Francine!

 Our family's winter  solstice YULE gathering! 
yes it always  includes  saori weaving too!

  the wonderful saori ch60 loom here

  the piccolo loom saori 15 lb folding piccolo loom here

 click on the arrow …. here is a video of our youngest grand son weaving on the piccolo

  a beautiful handwoven  table runner

  and father noel  brought gifts for the grand children
in closing
 I was cleaning up yesterday and I  found two lovely notes  buried in stacks of stuff they made me smile and almost got toissed ... these are from two of my students ...


Jill Nickolene Sanders