Saturday, December 1, 2018

weaving with hand spun art yarns on my ashford rigid heddle loom

I get asked in my spinning classes " what do you do with hand spun art yarns?"  I say " It is ART, you hang it up and and enjoy it!" BUT i also  like to weave  with my art yarns… if  i use for weft i use my Saori looms, but if i want the art yarns in the WARP and  also the WEFT  i use my  loom  ashford rigid heddle loom buy here   along with there exclusive freedom roller
and i use the exclusive heddle size for the ashford looms in 2.5 size which fits my art yarns  
here are my two latest art yarn scarves 

 what is this thing I have in my hand???? it is the new  ASHFORD HANDI HANDLEin my Etsy shop.

this  brand new handle allows you to advance your cloth or warp beam easily if you have  mobility issues with your hands,( which i do not but i still love the feel of this new tool  and use all the time ) absolutely brilliant   it comes in 2 sizes. smaller for the ashford sample it looms, and knitters looms,  also a larger  size for the ashofrd rigid heddle and table looms! 

  love my ashford rigid heddle loom

it is the only rh loom with the exra roller beam  you can add called the freedom roller 


after i wove the bright sparkly scarf i wove a guy art art scarf

 I strongly dislike all the clamps on all rigid heddle looms! so i use  a Irwin med size bar clamp to hold the loom and to use in place of the stupid clamp and peg that  are sent for warping. no more flying off peg disastrous  episodes ! they are less then $10 at the hardware store 

the sucess is  in part to the 2.5 heddle and the ashford freedom roller  again  which  allows you to put more than a few yards on your ashforsd rh loom!

  soaked and drying in gingko leaves

Suzan drove down from Redding for a  SAORI TRY IT CLASS CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

 ALL  Saori looms have bulit in bobbin winders!

  and as a newer weaver Suzan absolutely adored  weaving on the saori  CH60 loom!

   She broiught a weaving she just finished to show me a hand spun while long rug!
  I asked her if she know how to spin yarn? she said no the yarn was in a bag that came with a old loom she was given  sooooo we went up stairs  to the spinning studio and i taught her how to drop spin

 the golding bronze rimed spindles i use are here in my etsy shop these spindles are amazing

"This was so much fun , and I learned so much, we will be back"


Jill Nickolene Sanderts

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