Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016, new Saori weavers, Saori Piccolo LOOM harness upgrade.

A short blog welcoming in 2016! New  Saori weavers
Myjah and a good freind so enjoyed there Saori try it class here at the studio

  It is always magical how never before weavers can sit at the SAORI LOOM WITH  A MINUTE OF INSTRUCTION AND WEAVE THESE beautiful pieces!

  What fun an delightul day for two friends visiting for the hoidays.

I have enjoyed my Piccolo Saori LOOM (s) for 6 years now. taught on them and wove on them. they are light weight a sheer delight! There is a upgrade kit for the harnesses. i have had them for months but just getting around to switching mine over!
 here they are wooden sides for the piccolo  harnesses. I have three piccolos in the studio and so yesterday I started to change over the harnesses with the upgrade kits. please email me for more info if you would like to adapt your over and buy a set.  saori santacruz email

   here I am removing  with vice grips or pliers the  end caps

  Hammer the wooden pieces with a mallet in quite a ways, set the end cap on . poof done in no time! 2 down 14 to go!

 A photo of my freinds piccolo with the upgraded wood harness kit.

  I have had a sinus infection  for weeks so my crhistmas day and new years day personal  fibery things never occurred this year I rested  and healed ! But I  hope today  to get started weaving  I am almost prepared! and feeling much better.

Jill Nickolene Sanders


  1. Jill, Thank you for posting about the new Piccolo upgrade kit. I've received mine, but have a warp on. As soon as the cloth is off, I look forward to installing it. Thanks for the clear directions! Fleece and fiber in the New Year! Karen

    1. Yes i replaced mine with my inside set bundle tied up away from the looms. I really love the stable sides now on the harnesses for the piccolo's .however i have woven on the piccolos for 6 years now and had little problems. But it is nice to love them now even more!


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