Sunday, December 9, 2012

Learning to spin for saori weaving

It is frosty outside but inside my studio my weaving student Jennifer is learning to spin yarn within the cozy warmth of the wood stove and  the wool spinning fiber.
We started out with a drop spindle for about 10 minutes....

Within about ten more minutes she was spinning on her wheel

learning when to let the yarn draw in ....

Whats a niddy noddy? How do I use  that?
getting the yarn off the bobbin  into a skein is another skill besides spinning and jennifer learned about niddy noddys. 
 and tying and twisting a skein.
 A finished skein! Next class  learning to ply and soaking the skein to set the twist.

Jennifer inherited her Ashford Joy wheel from her father who was an accomplished painter.
I am confident this is a skill helped by the energy of her late father and his spinning wheel , that she will continue. In future months she will be weaving with her saori loom and I will be excited to see her hand spun yarns emerge in her weavings too.
peaceful spinning in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene 
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