Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weaving and then sewing your own Saori garments

Silvia has been busy weaving for the  last 4 or 5 months, but most of her pieces have found new homes with friends and family as gifts. She brought a few yards  of her Saori  hand woven  fabric to sewing class. I had her pre washed, line dried it  before the  class.
She came in to show me  a fantastic  Saori neck piece in greens  she wove a few months ago..

We started right away deciding what styles she would like. Trying on some of my  finished  Saori pieces helped

  Then we measured to see  how much fabric she actually had and what was doable style .
   On to measuring and  discussing  where certain areas would look nice  and then we started cutting out .  She wanted an exaggerated assymetrical hem on one side  so we did it. ...

 Here we pin basted and she tryed  on her vest to see how it would look ( this vest is adapated  from  the Saori beginning simple sewing pattern book)  Saori red sewing book
 " I love it" Now to sew it together.

  Because we changed quite a few things design wise we tried on and adjusted pinned adjusted again  till the feel and the look was fitted to her satisfaction . The process was organic and fun.

  IT IS ALMOST DONE!  But Wait we had few small scraps left so  I suggested  we use them for pockets, she agreed  so we made them different on each  of the side fronts. She suggested a triangle.
  … we cut and placed them  and checked out her hand placment and fit . deciding  on a frayed edge. she sewed the pockets on

 The vest turned out to have a ethnic  feeling . It is so exciting to see it all come together . All from  her  heart with the  freedom and fun and using the  unique Saori philosphy of no mistakes..

 I recieved such a nice email from Silvia …..
" Jill  your sewing class was such a pleasure. With your professional approach it was just so joyful and easy going to produce my first SAORI jacket, which I am so proud of!!!
Thank you so much for doing this wonderful way of teaching and sharing! 
You are definately the best teacher I could have ever found!! What a very gifted person you are!!"
Big hugs Silvia

peaceful weaving and sewing in the redwoods
jill Nickolene

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