Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2 saori students ,some fun textured cotton cone yarns….

Leigh Ann came by to bring her latest  Saori weaving  still on her inside set to show me! purple bliss!!!!

  I love it

  she and I discussed more color options but she is doing a wonderful weaving!!
  On her other  saori loom inside set info she brought her sons 2nd grade  class weaving project!
The school is going to auction off the weavings so we decided to take one long section and make a table runner out of by twisting fringes with the battery fringe twister here.

 She sewed the hems on the other pieces to make cotton place matts!

  I just love these!  These should get bidding wars at the school  fundraising auction!
She used these great yarns and others … bulky cotton textured cones in my etsy shop here

I love the fact you shared your saori  wx60 loom, and weaving skills  with the  children in your son's 2nd grade class room Leigh ann

Meet Susan! 
she came for a all day class yesterday to the studio 

  Susan took a break for lunch and went on the roaring camp big trees steam engine ride ( just  a few miles ,10 mins from my studio) and absolutly loved it !! more info here LOTS OF FUN !!!

when she came back  the lower teaching deck was all ready in the mid 70's degree weather  for her to compleate her day long Saori weaving exploration.. a  Saori learning technique sampler...

 "I have to show my daughter this" photos

 She is beaming and had a great time! so nice to meet you Susan what a fun day!

 learning to twist fringes on her woven tabs….

Some new Saori ready made warps arrived last week …… these all will fit the Piccolo too!
an amazing  200x6  100% cashmere in camel and greys!  To die for! here in my etsy shop

 and a white  100% cotton 200x12 go here

….and a fantastic wool cherry cream frapechino warp go here

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill NickoleneSanders

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