Monday, October 2, 2017

Bring family or friends an learn to weave at Saori Santa Cruz Studio

What a beautiful Time of year it is  here in northern California . Here are some new students learning to weave at the studio this past week  out in the beautiful autumn air among the trees.

cooler mornings till the sun comes up

 Kippen's and Amy's class
   winding a bobbin

  tying  her finished weaving onto a stick

 Kippen learning some tecniques

  some of Kippen's fiber

  happy happy happy and going home with her weaving a special branch she chose from a  basket that  gathered  from our property.

a note from Kippen….

"I thank you so much for my weaving day. You offer a lovely environment for spending time, in addition to your weaving instruction and assistance. I have laid out my weaving panel - just to look at it the past few days and smile. It was a good first effort and it pleases me. 

It was also lovely to meet you, and Lee, too. You seem a very caring person and you made me feel very welcome. I'm sorry I arrived so stressed. You very kindly allowed me to settle in and proceed with the day. 
I thank you for all of this,

"P.S. I put batteries in my cord & fringe maker and my eyes lit up with glee!! I'm going to enjoy this handy tool.  :D"
  spotlighting  a Saori book
this one is the SAORI ACCESSORIES  book 

Totteoki no Zakka tachi

this is  not a pattern book like the other saori books but rather 90 or so  pages of inspiration and ideas! i love this book! so much creativity in it!


  Calgary and Lori came for a second class. Lori was practicing taking off and on her weaving on a inside set and how to use the clipping rod
MORE ABOUT CLASSES CLICK HERE  LOTS MORE OPTIONS OFFERED ,  you can contact me about intensives, and immersion sessions too.

 and Barret  enjoyed her class too

   using the twister to make fringes ….go here  battery fringe twister

  I recieved a photo from lori she sucessfully removed her weaving from the loom and all that anxiety went away after her class  of practicing putting on inside set and clipping rod cutting and tensionsing! It is beautiful Lori!

Peaceful weaving in the California  redwods 
Jill N Sanders

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