Thursday, December 25, 2014

Saori 4 harness loom : Threading away from the loom

You met Roberta winding her warp in my last blog. I went to her studio  last week to teach her to thread her saori sx60 4 harness off the loom with the Saori threading holder 
we unfurled her just compleated first saori weaving

 It is just beautiful.

  We have taken her chained warp and placed it is the Saori cross holder/protector here which takes the place of holding the cross in ones hand or using lease sticks.

 Here you see the cross holder in position along with the saori threading holder  that is supporting  the ready to thread the reed. horizontally .
 Easy to see the next threads coming from the cross in order. Here she is threading 4 threads per reed dent.
 The notch cut from the SAORI BRASS SLEY HOOK HERE is unique because your can either push from the top the warp threads into the reed or use the other end to hook and pull through the threads .

  Here we have put two sets of the threading holders together to thread  the heddles on her 4 harness comfortably at a table away from the loom.
  The Saori  Unique threading holder is a real back saver, no more hunching over your looms front and back beams to thread the heddles!
Interestingly Roberta did not have a saori heddle threader. so for the first 10 heddles or so we used her standard schacht or what ever  threader. OMG it was horrible! I went to the car and got my saori threader and it was like magic Instantaneously sucess! GOOD TOOLS even as simply as a threading hook make a huge difference . Saori threading hook here check them out.

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene

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