Sunday, June 7, 2015

A new Saori 'artist vest" i just sewed, students, and other fun stuff

Still warm from the iron my new Saori " Artist vest"! cotton and silk.

  Pockets for sketch books, keys, phone, and the mossy inspiring stones you discover.

Cotton warp, silk weft up in my Etsy shop click here


Jeanne came by to try out a picccolo loom...

 She tryed on my "artist vest" and decided to buy a  15 pound portable piccolo loom …

 So about 30 mins latter from the  box  Jeanne was weaving.  ( she has a full size saori loom at home she loves it) it was so easy to assemble!

                                      MORE ABOUT THE PICCOLO LOOM HERE

I showed her how to spin cotton briefly on the Charka 

and she was off . she arrived home at her Daughters home where she is staying for the summer and her youngesr granddaughter started weaving at 3 years old! she sent me this photo saying


Joan i have know from our local weavers guild for quite a few years. 
She came to the studio with a piece of her  hand spun cotton indigo dyed  cloth she wove over a decade ago and asked me to create  and sew a top for  her out of it.

  So I made a muslin and started to go to work….
  She spun and wove a magnificent piece!

  Here is my finished design before I mailed it off to her.

   She loved and took one of my saori scarves home "calliope 2 " ... a fraternal twin pair I wove Etsy shop like to calliope 1 scarf
 Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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  1. Jill, I love the art vest! I don't suppose you used a pattern or book?

    1. no pattern .This is my own design . i have been sewing since 10 years old. but i encourage you create your own! The saori books , espically the clothing designs, ( i have them in my etsy shop), is great best place to start and just be free and tune into your hidden talents.


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