Friday, March 8, 2013

A yard a day for 30 days woven on my Saori loom is done.

I did it, I succeeded in doing my self imposed weaving  challenge again this year . ( weave a yard a day for 30 days)
This is  the third and  fresh off the loom in neutrals cottons warp.   I suspect I chose  lighter  shades  of yarns as a  reaction to my previous dark pallet the previous week which was pewter.  .

  The first few yards I woven with an exaggerated pile which Saori calls W's. Kenzo Jo showed this technique at the Saori conference last fall I  proceeded to weave two panels graduating the technique to get a flared skirt affect  for a dress design , a time consuming venture. I  have been thinking about  doing this for months.

 Off the loom but the weaving is  not pulled out for it's maximum " flare" effect yet.

 Just starting to drape and design on the dress form I will finish it and post on a future  post as it comes together.

 The remainder of my weaving is  woven with other details. The yarns are predominantly cotton, a bit of rayon, and what does not show up from the camera lens  well is the metallic gold textured  yarn glinting  shyly through hints of cream cottons.

weaving slits

 First  Green warp 10 yards started Jan.30 2013  green warp blog

 Second warp (pewter)  11 + yards started Feb 8th  PETWER BLOG

3rd  and final warp 12 + yards finished  Feb.28th neutrals with a dusting of gold.
all the weaving have had there fringes twisted, and they are  washed dried  and pressed.......
Next  there will be time  to design, drape  and sew clothing and accessories with my 32+ yards of hand woven  Saori cloth.

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene
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