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Sue a wonderful  friend and administrator of my Weaving in the Saori way group on Ravelry  ravelry group wove these fantastic mug rugs for me which I use daily in the studio.  Today my" contemplation rocks" are defiantly  speaking to me. 

 What a week, STICHES WEST, a  new saori weavers,current students, dropping by the studio, return again spinners, my grand sons first birthday party, and all the while I  am continuing weaving my personal saori challange a yard a day  is finished (but that is for a future blog).
 linda ( weaving for  a little over a year) stopped by to show me  her lateset wool weaving a small sectition of a long warp she cut off her loom and washed and fluffed. I love the colors ! She also brought her first little weavings she did  of about 40 years ago a brief year or so of the 70"s flurry of learning weaving.

I wish I had taken a photo of them, they were so cute, beige, and thick, and  coarse  with  oranges and avocado greens! Her return to weaving , after so many years is so amazing,  and prolific
 here are links to  my past blog posts with her weavings  lind's vest,  valentine vest 2012,  and  linda's woven and felted bags
Linda sent me this photo from her home of many yards off her loom ready to be washed, and fulled and sewn into a jacket. so stay tuned!

 I ran into a store briefly this past week and while waiting in the check out line I  saw accross the store this woman in this fantstic coat! I actually left my place in line and  walked up to her and asked her if I could take a photo of her wonderful coat. It had such class and grace and impeccable sewing skills rarely seen .She was ever so kind, and even opened the coat up to show me the black  damase silk lining( should have taken a photo of that but i was already imposing enough). She had a marvelous story about the wool tweed coat, and it was the first time she ever wore it was that day. Her mother designed it and sewed it ( she obviously had impeccable taste and skills ) in the 40's. when her mother passed she recieved some of her clothes which she cherishes , we exchanged business cards and realized we do not live far from each other. what were the odds of me running into the store, and see this coat  worn for the first time  by her? isn't it so lovely!  i adore the shape the collar and cuffs, and the pleated gussets.

A new to weaving student , Isabel came to the studio this week , she was visiting San Francisco and working for a few months and came down the coast to Santa Cruz to be introduced into Saori weaving.  It was so nice to meet her .A Ravelry member, and she did a wonderful intutive first saori weaving. 

  Such  a very pleasent person, and a  lovely first ever weaving piece and a new skill to contemplate  adding  to her extensive  fiber knowledge.
It was a pretty magical day for her.

Ok  NOW on to Stiches West ! IT was it's usual fun nutsy first market day frenzy.  
 waiting in line....

 Even though stiches is all about knitting there are lots of yarns that will be wonderful for weaving
I  carpooled and here you see Jen with our haul  of bargins in garbage bags doing a car stash run.

  My favorite booth the Habu yarns booth, I was there looking  and touching  and admiring there fabulous  yarns  I  guess I looked so comfortable that customers kept asking me  questions , they thought I  worked there, what can I say? I  did  make up my mind and purchased some must have stainless steel linen cones  in charcoal .
 This is how you know you are at Stiches, how cool is that?

 My darling grandson's first birthday party which was  delayed by two weeks because of colds, etc. It was a beautiful day and  was so much fun. The scraps from his big blanket blog link I sewed together  and made a car seat mini blanket  so he could sunggle a smaller version away from home . No machines here, a gradmama  cotton hand woven blanket with all good thoughts and energies  and dreams woven in.

A interesting lesson,  a child  around 4 yrs old at the birthday party loves to eat the rind of oranges not the fruit.  Just like in Saori there are many individual tastes and ways of approaches .

 Back at the studio  Allison  came to refresh her spinning skills to teach a 3rd grade Waldorf school class her daughter is in,  all about wool.

children take to Saori weaving instantaneously  !

 My favorite Louet spinning wheel for  over 20 yrs. I use it for teaching, and spinning, it is in such good shape  with all of the traveling and use, never had any prooblem, replaced a drive band or two, a connector to the treaddle, that has been it! They quit making  Louet S90's  more than 15 yrs ago. they are making a very small run of of them available and I have several on order to sell. One is already spoken for.  If you are intrested email me .
From the three bobbin  lazy kate that swings out and the large single treadle you put both feet on, to how easily it fold up with the bobbin and flyer still attached, it is s a stong contemporay  beautiful wheel. I have  been glad I  have had one, and now  that a few more spinners can own this marvelous spinning wheel.  All of Louet wheels are  so strong and long lasting. They are coming out with a new art yarn flyer that will not fit the S90 but it will the s10's s17. and most of the louet wheels with the exception of the victoria and juila as well , but more on that latter..

the Louet S90

 Peace through fibers
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