Monday, March 11, 2013

Trying saori class, and spring has hit in northern California

 Jenifer  is my student and is a newer saori weaver, and her love is three color clasped weft. this piece is all woven with yarns that have been dyed  with natural dyes. isn't it fantastic?
  A new student ! R who  has woven some before but wanted to try saori .   She fell in love with the saori techniques durning her try it class this week.

 clasped weft

 Jenifer winding skeins into balls.

  I  really love R's colors and especially  the red line.
she will twist fringes at home and come back next month for a mobius scarf class . A fantastic first saori weaving.

The earlier sun  streaming in  now that day light saving time is here coming through the bay window of the gallery this morning. 

 The plum trees are bursting and the bees are very busy. I get it , the scent in the air is intoxicating.

 power washed the deck  preparing for my out side studio classes to resume so the bees are not the only ones working hard. .

 A few seconds of the   sun  rising  and peeking out behind the redwoods , then poof the light "warps"  and rainbows disappeared but not before i snapped my photo.

vintage prin bobbins awaiting  me to make a weaving  and  then  attach them . My plan is a wind chime .
 Silk " hankies " silk fiber I dyed ready to be wheel spun into yarns  soon.

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
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