Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Third day of Saori work shop at Saorisantacruz with karen

Day three  at the studio was picking out the woven wefts out of her handwoven wool fabric for the twisted fringes  hem.  Karen's beautiful wool Saori woven fabric with her hand spun yarns as weft  she brought to make into something… see what that something is that  I helped her with .

 We decided on a ruana.

 Antoinette arrives to finish her saori hat weaving wearing her her scarf she wove and finished last week at the studio, now soaked, it is just beautiful!

 Karen is still picking out the wefts so she can then  twist  hem fringes!
 Antoinette threaded and sleyed her saori hat warp ….
 Karen is using the battery fringe/cord twister. on her ruana fringe.. Lacis Fringe Twister here

  Time for a break so we left the studio …...
  ……and we went for a walk in Felton at the Covered Bridge,

  Then to Henery Cowel Redwoods State Park where we ate our burritos for lunch along the trail.with the majestic redwoods.

Back at the studio ….
 Karen watched as I taught Antoniette how to beam on the Jill way.  She loves it! 

 Time to pin and start sewing Karen's salmon wool Saori  ruanna , fringes are all done!!!!

sewing tecniques, and stiches….

  Mean time Antoinette is weaving her hat ( laid out on the deck is her saori scarf from last week).

  Pressing  is very importan as well and sewingt!
 OMG it is done!!!!

  I think Karen loves it!!! Didn't she do a marvelous  creative job  weaving  her Saori wool warp ruana!,  the weft is karen's hand spun yarns! It feels so soft.


Antoinette  was weaving while we were on our walk she finished her yardage for the hat, so tomorrow she will braid the fringes.

 off the loom,

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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