Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saori WORKSHOP with Karen :day 4

Last day Karen Pardee will be here before she leaves for Japan the next day for 2 weeks! She still has  plenty of saori fabric that she brought  that needs to be designed  and sewn today ..

Here is a collage of some of Karen's  collection of vests that she wove over the past few years and made in her studio.  Here is a collage of some of the fabulous  ones she wore this week.

….and here is a bias cut jacket that was made out of one karen's yardage pieces  she brought to" turn into something I do not know what?" she said. BUT I knew right away what some of the pieces  could be and sooo  i enjoyed designing and helping Karen learn some new sewing techniques using Karen's Saori fabric was  the aim of this workshop/retreat and  it was so nice to visit with a friend too!

pressing is important….

try on, take off, try on alter, take off sew...! of course you can do this with a dress form for yourself when you are alone too...

Deciding on placement  of the jacket's  front  edge band, decisions... but not over thinking or obsessing !  remember to let it flow, karen is wonderful at that! It turned out really well. she will decide if she wants to ad pockets in a month or two…. for now it is a wonderful piece karen can add to her wardrobe !!!!

  Karen was to finish twisting the fringes back in her hotel room before  leaving for the airport in the morning,  And she did , this jacket was packed in her suitcase so no finished photos with the twisted  fringes but  you can see it is a fabulous coat/jacket in spring colors!

  Still time to address some of Karen's UFO's.

  we turned this piece  a vest that was not working  by turning it upside down and  folding and tucking and sewing to made a deep collar to emphasize  her woven in  beautiful ruffle detail. then to angle and fold back the front edges.  It is a  total save!!!
over laped  front with a pin or stick… a very nice piece now.

Karen brought back the Saori Piccolo from her hotel  where she wove in her room in the evenings . She  finished  her scarf she had woven  here with memories  woven in of her visit here at the beach redwoods, and freindship!.

  It has a woven in slit  for design options in wearing! very cool Karen!
Bright and Cinco de Mayo -esk because we were at the beach on may 5th!

  One end has woven finger fringes with wrapping! so creative Karen!!!

mean while Antoinette is braiding her Saori hat together...

Karen  was so sweet she brought me gifts, yummy maple sugar candy from her home town, a cool container to hold cut thread scraps that she made , and this wonderful plied fabric strip cord she makes!

Antoinette and I asked her to show us how she did it !

  so she did

 Antoinette got it !

 and Antoinette  finished her saori cap!

I love it ! don't you?
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one last piece to finish for Karen .... a vest….

  adding a side piece and working a few pieces to place under in the back and sew down .It is A really cute vest now karen! you do wonderful Saori weaving!

  A very fruitful fun week, it was nice to write these  blogs and and to look back on how much we accomplished in less than 4 days !

Peaceful weaving  and sewing in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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  1. I love that you and Karen has such a wonderful week of creative energy and beautiful projects! A bonding of two SAORI happy hearts!

  2. Karen speaks highly of you Ellen , as do I , we had a lovely week it was a dream come ture to meet Karen after so many years of communication!


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