Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saori mobius cowl and Transept scarf class

What a fun class three members of the Mavens of the fiber forest ,  came Thursday for a all day class. Shar warped her schacht loom at home for a mobius scarf but brought it to weave on  and Maggie and Tina came ready to experiment and learn the "Transept " scarf. Then a new weaver for a  "try it " class  Kate came (  call to schedule a class here  Link to the studios classes here ) .

Tina's finished  "transept scarf"

 but lets back up and we started by weaving a sample first before tackling a larger piece!

  "It worked " " I did it" yea!!!!!!
  Maggie taking her sample off the saori loom  with the the easy to use  Saori clipping rod
 yea it worked!

loving the clemes and clemes two end electric bobbin winder it has NO rheostat the foot peddle is all new electronic no lurching, or heating up smooth…  

Kate  joins the class for a 2 hour Saori  " try it "class and  loves it wants to come back!

  Maggie's beautiful colors…..

 Preparing for the "catch " and twist on shars mobius scarf after she had woven it
  then weaving in the fringes as weft.

 adding more colors….
 Tina is finished…..

the" transept"

  and Shar has the twist  in her mobius too!!!!!

Tina is done!!!!

Maggie is done!

Shar went home twised fringes and soaked and pressed her mobius scarf  gorgeous!

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

  All hand made items that are  listed for sale and items already sold are original and ⓒ of jill nickolene sanders  20011 - 2015
(Note: I retain copyrights to all designs and images of my work, regardless of ownership.)

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