Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May day and a Saori hand woven dress and loom bags

May is here it is beautiful the roses are fragrant here in Northern California  and students are on the deck enjoying the Saori weaving classes.
I finished  some new some loom bags for sale  for the Saori folding looms  this week 


  upholstery velvet with purple  bee's and color blocked textured stripe 3 bag set.. SOLD

 a economical piccolo basket weave bag  SOLD

 I adore this twill weave  upholstery velvet with  a color block red clay color circles with contrast basket weave inisde.

  Happy 102 birthday Misao . Miaso is the founder of Saori in 1969 and is still weaving. Thank you Misao Jo for inventing a weaving philosphy that lets everyones heart sing .

Welcoming may with a class on the deck.

Antoinette  and Eileen threading and winding a warp….

 thread away from your loom with the  saori threading holder link

 The the Saori warping  Frame etsy shop link here
 Sucess, a chained off new beautiful warp!

Eileen looked so great in my "peace flags " jacket she bought it for a upcoming graduation in New York city!

Now take a look at Antoinette's  new Saori dress she wove  on her Saori wx60 loom  and sewed!

 check out the great Saori books with designs for lovely clothes my Etsy shop link

we needed to adjust a few things …. so we did!

  sewing up the changes….

  and we fixed the shoulders ( no photo of them altered. ) but what an amazing dress! I am so pround of you Antoinette !

Peaceful weaving and sewing in the California redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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  1. So wonderful and inspiring! Thanks for being a beacon of weaving light!


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