Thursday, March 16, 2017

Saori 2 day warp and weave class :Saori Santa Cruz

Gretchen and Tara came for a mini  Saori weaving retreat 2 days of weaving!
it happened  be to Fat tuesday

Mardi Gras  !!!!

  First  they choose yarns and wound  a warp on the Saori warping frames

  Warps wound to thread comfortably  away from the looms with the saori THREADING HOLDERS

 Gretchen's first ever weaving experience !!!!! Her  choices were happy and bright!

  winding bobbins right on the loom with the saori built in bobbin winder.

   Both used the SAORI WX60 FOLDING LOOMS HERE gretchen is tall so she used the loom with the SAORI HEIGHT EXTENDERS

  beamed on Tara's  taste for her  warp was was subdued and traditional .

  DAY 2 busily laughing and weaving !

  Tara owns a large loom  and was used to an electric bobbin winder so she used my  CLEMES AND CLEMES electronic BOBBIN WINDER . She was way impressed, she has a Schact electric  bobbin winder and her schacht  foot pedel gets hot and , it is noisy, and it lurches. The CLEMES AND CLEMES  has  an electronic foot peddle ( the only company who makes an eletronic bobbin winder foot peddle not a a carbon based ), and it is smooth and a pure delight to use .

Both days lunch was so fun siting out side in the deck in the warm sun drinking Champagne that  they had brought !
 Gretchen's first ever weaving  … her  scarf is off the loom!!!

    more hours spent  weaving a runner for her living room coffee table next. on a SAORI PREMADE WARP

 Tara's wrap is done!!!
  she loves it!!!!
  Just what she wanted!

 2 freinds, with very different tastes  wove lovely pieces and loved there SAORI SANTA CRUZ STUDIO mini retreat! Tara said " Jill we have made Gretchen a weaver!!!"
 Gretchan bought a little Ashford Sample It LOOM here  to take home to keep weaving .WHAT a happy fun 2 days it was!

Another  new student came this week, Violet.. " I have been wanting to make it down here for a year to the studio"

It was so great to meet  her, she will be back for more classes next month.

She loved the Saori Wx 60 loom and  happily she  decided buy one  and it went home with her that very afternoon back to San Francisco ! peace from the loom Violet!

Jill Nickolene Sanders

  just finished sewing  some new loom bags  LOOM BAGS TO FIT SAORI LOOMS HERE  sizes to fit the sx60, wx60, piccolo looms

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