Monday, June 23, 2014

Can you teach me to spin yarn? A beginners class at Saori Santa Cruz

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Meet Lana who on her 25 acres is raising alpaca's , goat, and angora bunnies. so she really wanted to learn how to spin .
First class we learned to hand card the alpaca and angora and spin on a drop spindle. Then she tried the spinning wheel and did fantastic!

 turkish drop spindle here

 A ball of white yarn and a ball of brown yarn
 now to ply the two
niddy noddy it off

 she had her first  little skein of two ply yarn!

 A quick intro into spinning on the LOUET S17 SPINNING WHEEL and art yarn flyer

Lana is on her way to to becoming a spinner!
peaceful spinning in the redwoods
jill nickolene

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