Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saori weaving on the Piccolo loom with kids, washing a Teeswater fleece , Happy Flag Day

Saori weaving with children is so much better for them  than computer games, and cartoons!! You can see there confidence soar!
I love the the Saori Piccolo loom. it adjusts from lower to higher for adults. it only weighs 15 lbs.
So I travel with it weekly. Here is  a 6 yr old  weaving on her own , choosing her own yarns  and weaving  a end of school year " little flags " ( her  project choice ) as hand made gifts for two  of teachers this week. i took it out of the bag at her home, and set up in 5 minutes. the premade Saori warps  ready made warps here allows you to sit and weave with out having to to learn hours of warping and threading skills first.

The piccolo loom  with shelf and  bobbin winder in the lower position  for children as young as 4  years old more info here Saori Piccolo Loom the piccolo inside set lets inprocess weavings be changed out in a few minutes with out the need to re thread the loom, so more than one student can weave on the the same loom piccolo inside set it's like have many looms in one.

 wait little brother wants to try( 2yearsold) I pushed the treadles for him  and look!!!! He watched his sister and knew what to do , he threw the shuttle, and then beat! well designed equipment and tools make learning so much eaier.

 one  lovely litttle weaving off the loom.

 Later that day her mom sent the photos of her finished 'FLAGS' as teachers gifts.

  Speaking of flags…
Happy June 14th FLAG DAY!

Betsy Ross's historical home.

 I replaced out old faded flad with a new Betsy Ross 13 star flag at the studio.

My Ravelery group is doing a summer weav - a long "summer mysteries theme mobius cowl"
check it out and it is fun and we would love to have you join in! click ravelry weaving in the saori way group summer wal


A beautiful teeswater fleece I  bought a few months ago  got scoured( washed )  this week by me.

after 1st wash 

final  wash drying in the sun

 I will dye some of the locks and spin some art yarns, and comb some to spin worested double ply yarns. I adore lovely fleeces, and spinning!

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

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