Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saori hand woven banner transformed into a skirt, and other happenings at Saorisantacruz studio

I traded with my wonderful friend Sue for this gorgeous pink and purple fabric she wove on her Saori loom in 2013. 
Sometimes it  takes awhile before ideas come. Last week I decided to use the  yummy fabric for a skirt. But for almost the last year it it hung off and on in instalations at the studio as a banner.

 Laying out and draping  the fabric

 A delightful collaboration piece . Still not finished ,another day when I have time to get back to my sewing machine, stay tunned.


My disabled student Lisa  assembled and put on her  Saori shuttle shelf  on her 60 loom  she asked me to come over to her home to show her how to fix a threading problem and how to use her saori clipping rod and cherry pegged no rod shuttle cherry peg shuttle here
  This allows her to throw and move the shuttle with out it nose diving through the warps and is way more accommodating to those with mobility issues.


Mark is back  this week, yea, to beam on his warp and start to weave.

   Winding his  weft yarn choices into bobbins

 Starting to weave

  It is so Wonderful to see every student's unique color of yarn choices. I LOVE THIS !

 Robin came for a few hour's of class to learn  how to beam on a warp and how to  change out a  saori inside set.
I wound her a warp and threaded and sleyed a reed  before she arrived to save some time.

blues and greens

 I used the saori automatic threading hook (denter)  Saori auto threading denter you can use it from your saori cross holder or directly on the reed on your loom.

  robin doing a fantastic job of beaming on the warp.

 It was so nice to meet Robin and her husband Dave again. It was a whirl wind class  but concepts were  well grasped .

The  inside set all tied up  ready to come off and go home with robin to Oregon to her own loom.
Saori inside set information here


 This past week I did several "house calls", or classes in students homes. Garnet and Roberta  were involved into two different saori projects.

This is Garnet"s Saori weaving wrapped on a "mummy" for a upcoming show in August.
I absolutly adore it!

 Roberta had a gremlin in her 4 harness sx60 loom. 4 harness spring set for Saori loom info

 I kept "fixing it "only to have a problem slowly reoccur oddly once again at the selvages  after about a inch of weaving.
 I discovered the problem. On one of the pullys the thrid harness was crossed and hooked to the 2nd harness but it was totally hidden behind a disk so not obvious at all! I am So happy that I discovered the intermittent problem , merely an assembly mistake.
 While she was weaving Garnet wanted to know how to thread and use her 60+ year old Pfaf sewing machine. I showed her and then we cut out  some of her saori yaradage for a tote bag, pieced it for interest and contrast incorporating  her  twisted fringe . We lined it with a coordinated commerical fabric and interfacing.

 She was thrilled!
 Her bag almost finished she will add strap handles. Maybe like these Leather bag handles or some  other type of web handles.

A sturdy and really REALLY cool looking  bag Garnet!

 Peaceful weaving , and sewing in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

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