Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saori weaving in May and 6 years old learn to spin on a Louet wheel

Last week I brought my Louet S17 wheel out to teach a couple of 6 year old girls how to spin. It was going to start out being a short session but ….. I read two books, Anna's new coat, and weave me a rainbow. those are wonderful books that tell about sheep shearing, spinning , dyeing the yarns and weaving and sewing. Then I showed how to prepare prepared top fibers for spinning.
 I treadled the wheel  while I taught them how draw  out fibers an how to hold the fibers . It was amazaing howQuickly they caught on .Feeling the twist moving  up the fiber and then letting it go so that would draw onto the flyer/ bobbin as yarn.
 " I am making yarn" A very LONG DRAW!

 Learning  how to open the fibers
After spinning different kinds of wool they took turns walking accross the room in teams feeling the twist travel then one girl walks  forward to allow the yarn to fill the bobbin. They loved it, especially the pastel pink rainbow fiber. Each had  two little balls of yarn they spun. I think they could have spun all morning!


  I welcome Vistors to the studio , call ahead, I teach away from the studio as well so an appointments are necessary.
This past week visitors and students came to the studio checking out the different models of Saori loom selections here

 After some thought and consideration  and  happily answering questions the Wx60 was agreed upon from these two  eager to weave visitors. They now  can add  Saori weaving to there all of  fiber skills.

Mark continues to heal nicely after his back surgery this winter . His wife told me he kept saying he talks about missing  weaving so much , he getting stronger every day. He came for a new weaving  class . Here he is  winding a new warp and threading 

 The Saori warping frame can be free standing, for standing at or  easily adjusted for sitting down saori warping frame so it is very comfortable and easy to use for everyone..

here mark is sleying the reed with the saori cross holder and threading holder
etsy shop loom accessories stay tunned as his new weaving emerges.


I have organic cotton in 8/2 in my shop now in sets and for those of you who asked, cones of black singularly for now too as well  single cone organic cotton cones here


I love my louet LOUET S17 wheel info here  it is sturdy and NEVER FUSSY! I am  having fun with a few of the  yummy fibers I have to spin. They are available (as I get them up in my Etsy shop fibers )read about them there, or stop by the studio .

 Look at  this 2 year old and he is so  intrested in learning  to spin louet art yarn flyers are amazing no fibers to catch of hooks etc.  such an amazing flyer, the very best flyer for not catching fibers and smooth spinning, he is pretty amazing and focused.
Jill Nickolene

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