Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bags for Saori looms, Friends weave together ,my new Saori weaving

Warm weather equals more weaving out side also traveling with the easy to transport Saori looms.
I make and use loom bags and I just finished sewing a new crop for the Saori 60x series  and the Piccolo for sale.
All the current  bags available are up in my Etsy shop loom bags section
A loom bag protects your warp and beams when you move  or carry or store your loom .

The Saori Wx60 looms can be adapted for taller weavers . There are brackets for  4" risers and
  2" risers available 
you can add wooden wheels as well.
I had a really  nice weave  day at the studio with two freinds recently. No classes no teaching, just freindship weaving! Jennifer had injured her ankle/foot so she brought a frame loom and and praticed her tapestry weaving. Candace brought her Saori loom and and wove a in progress cotton weaving. I threaded a white saori ready made warp using the threading holder conveniently  on the table.

We had a maven  spin meeting in Santa Cruz  at a members home on a beautiful sunny day

I spun some core spun yarn , now awaiting a ply with add ins  on my louet s90 wheel


I wound a warp with these mostly cotton yarns

  and started weaving….

  I named this one "the whole earth catalog"

on Mothers day I took two piccolo looms to our familes gathering but I FORGOT THE SHUTTLES!
Our youngest son ,the engineer, said" don't worry." He disappeared and in 10 minutes we had a shuttle! It was a old remote control case cut up and he  modified it ! We used it  and loved it.He saved the day! Next time the shuttles go in the tote bag first! A GREAT HACK don't you think ?

 I am telling you the "remote " shuttle is really  awesome!

And he gave  me the orange braclet for mothers day he designed on a 3D printer


  I Planted two planters with herbs Basil, cilantro, dill, parsley and ANOTHER one  full of mints.

 Inspirations for a new weaving?
 'jeremy's pigment pallet " 7 cone organic cotton set in my etsy shop. high quality certified organic cotton yarns.
                                               Not a heat WAVE but a heat WEAVE.

Peaceful weaving in the cool shady redwoods
Jill Nickolene

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