Friday, April 25, 2014

Saori weaving students progress and a family learns to spin on there new Louet S10 spinning wheel

Lisa is  there , she is behind her new beautiful Saori weaving yardage that she just took of her saori 60 loom. I visited her and was delighted to see it unfurl from her loom!

 She made her own yarns by using many yarns wound together. This technique uses the cone winder accessory . It slips on in seconds on your  saori  bobbin winder  click here to see the saori cone winder

 Next step sewing a saori piece of clothing . Several Saori books to give her inspiration here so check back to she waht she sews!

Alison and her girls came to learn how to use her new Louet S10 double treadle spinning wheel here
 They learned some basic fiber prep 

  It was amazing they all were spinning in just a few minutes a family learning together.

  They spun a bobbin of white coopworth and a bobbin of turquoise corridale singles .
They all took turns to learn to ply using the louet bulky bobbin  They were using the louet Art yarn flyer which holds the bulky bobbins.
Taking turns to learn how to take off there yarns off the bobbin  on a niddy noddy

  HAPPY SPINNERS! and now they have a new loust s10 to spin on at home, they were talking about what they were going to knit from the first skein, I think head bands were agreed on  I over heard them  as they walked to there car just beaming!


 To celebrate EARTH DAY this week  I have introduced these organic yarns Certified organically grown high quality 8/2 cotton yarn in a three and 4 cone sets . 720 yards per cone.( 3330 yards per lb)
mini 8/2 cotton  and cotton linen yarn sets check them out in my etsy shop.

"Urban Neutrals"

 "The 4 directions of water"

  " Channeling your inner child"

  " Shades of Vintage T shirts "

Just in time for warmer weather coming a  lovely limited saori cotton warp "Cream rises to the top" 200x20 see more here


More new vistors to the  Saori Santa Cruz Studio

  Enjoying Trying on some of my saori jackets etsy shop my wearble art

"Textured yarn pallet jacket"  AND MY " Parrots of telagraph hill"  jacket

Peaceful weaving and spinning in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene


  1. I love reading your blog...I find it so inspiring :)

    1. I love the fiberarts and to enjoy the passion that students experience when they discover the freedom of expression it gives them is so wonderful!
      Peaceful weaving journeys


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