Sunday, June 29, 2014

The new Louet concept spinning wheel,Saori weaving student

Saori Santa Cruz studio recieved  Dave and Pam Van Stralen of Louet North America  for a visit  this past week. Dave brought and set up the new Louet  from Holland " Concept " full size spinning wheel in his suit case!
I carrry Louet Equipment and fibers and it was such a delight to meet the wonderful people I do business with in person!
Dave  showed me how easy it is to assemble and set up the new louet" concept "wheel  from his suitcase in my out door  fiber studio.

From suitcase to wheel photos  ( the concept wheel will have it's own optional bag/case)
Available December 2014 is the  availability prediction

  This prototype  has the new wheel  design option or you can choose from the classic single hole louet s10 design, or the Julia wheel design. double or single treadle, lazy kate or not etc.? What flyer you want so for example if you want to art yarn yarn flyer you do not have to buy the standard flyer. scotch tension, or Irish bobbin lead tension basicly you build your own wheel . It unscrews with quick large knobs to break it down if you want or need to. At some point if you want to change to a different tension system you buy  just those components that you would need  and switch it  making it into a another wheel! Ingenious.

  Pam and dave inside my studio at the gallery wall.

  Thank you  both for a great visit!
I have the louet  classic S10 in my shop. still the most amazing wheel almost the same as the first  one from holland 40 years ago!  more info LOUET CLASSIC DT S10 WHEEL this  classic s10 is available to ship now in stock.

 My friend Brenda Expert and talented dyer and spinner  here below with her 1978 classic s10 wheel last week at our summer solstice gathering. this his her favorite wheel the only one she uses for singles, all she has ever done was replace a drive band and a inexpensive foot man part. She swears by louet wheels. she has won awards all over the country for her exquisite yarns. you can find them here Pan's Garden yarns   I agree with her I am a total lover of the louet wheels especially the S10 and the S17 unfinished kit wheel here they will never go out of style, and are sturdy and totally non fussy . you can put a art yarn flyer on it and ply and  start to make expressive yarns in a minute ! no fussing!


HI Mark ! You are doing really well weaving the  beautiful runner/scarf  you wound a warp for ! It is great how it is progressing and  so unique !
 Out on the deck weaving durning class

Happy spinning and weaving in the redwood mountains 
Jill Nickolene 

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