Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day! Mark finished weaving his Saori scarf , and more Saori Santa Cruz happenings

Mark  finished weaving  and took his second Saori weaving of the Wx60 loom this week

  The end of the warp
 unfurled from the  saori loom

  then fringes twisted

 Our class  time ran out  all to soon but he will trim the loose ends after he soaks  and hand washes and line drys  his new Saori scarf at home. Congratulations!  Mark,  is still in  physical therapy for his back after surgery but  he still can weave on a  Saori loom .

Happy INDEPENDENCE  DAY  every one!!!
A little bit of history... Did you know that the independence day is the correct term for the 4th of July ? Yes the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2nd  by only a few All the other signatures were done august 2nd so we celebrate it on the 4th but it actually was agreed upon back in 1776 to be called Independence Day!

Eileen is back and weaving on her long warp that will be used for a garment.


 me? I wound a warp  for a mobious cowl scarf called " The Nile " I am doing it for the weave a long  in my Ravelry group weaving in the SAORI way this is for the   "Summer  mystery WAL mobius cowl" thread .
Sparkling of  the sunlight on the water, ( you can not see the gold metallic glints through out  slubby cotton yarn in the photo)

Here are some members finished pieces for the WAL. I love the support and sharing that goes on in the virtual saori Kai in my ravelry group Ravelry cowl weave along thread here

TODAY JULY 4th I threaded and  dressed  MY SAORI PICCOLO  out side in the gorgeous summer weather  more about the piccolo loom here and started my Poirot scarf cowl ( Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie's Belgian Detective character  ) she wrote DEATH ON THE NILE so that that is my inspiration for the summer  mystery WAL. " Hastings my little grey cells tell me that something is very mysterious is  missing in Egypt mom ami ".

A day to weave I am  so happy!!!!
Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene
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