Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Saori 5 day Saori weaving intensive from the redwoods to the sea….. spinning & weaving friends.

This is a photo rich blog of Deb's 5 days at the studio this past week including a day weaving at the beach.

  The first day presented us with delayed arrival due to a major highway shut down ….but it didn't deter our goal of threading and dressing the Saori loom for a class of weaving at the beach the next day…..
 Deb is using the Saori cross holder to thread the reed...

 She is using the very portable smallest Saori loom  Piccolo 15 lb loom here for our beach treck in the morning..beamed on,tied,tensioned ready to go!
  pre winding a few bobbins to take with us.

 The ocean foggy morning  crisp air , the kelp, and sounds of gulls and the waves breaking for a fantastic beginning. Freinds started arriving and deb was in weaving BLISS.

 Tina  with her handwoven wrap.

 ocean cotton warp

slowly the beach awakened with children , lifguards ,tourists and inquisitive locals to drop by to see what we were doing!

 As Deb wove I spun for the Tour de Fleece  on my Louet Victoria spinning wheel ...

Jon was spinning some art yarn and I  believe his environment influenced him. What do you think?

  Jenny came with her aide Kristen to show us her latest Saori weaving from her saori wx60 loom and the saori shuttle shelf to aide disabilities ( Jenny has been blind from birth)

I spun some more polworth fibers that my wonderful talented  friend Sue dyed and gifted me.

….and Deb learned some new Saori  techniques.

 It was time to pack up .The sun cleared away the fog ,it was a perfect weather day for a walk  barefoot at tides edge and then into Capitola village to visit shops ….

The end of a glorious summer beach weaving outing ... tomorrow back to the redwoods in the studio  for more  warping practice
 Day three a  cotton summer scarf  warp wind…..

   Deb has a warp to take home and weave in which she chose the yarns for a summer scarf.

wonderful learning Deb! good job!

Jen stopped by to try out new Spinning wheels too.

 And  time for a few shuttle throws at a Saori loom

  Jen smiling loved and bought a Louet S10 double treadle spinning wheel and took it home with some yummy fibers! Now she can return the falling-apart Babe spinning wheel and will  enjoy spinning yarns  now even more!
Deb brought her Saori Inside set more info click here with her so we could wind a 12 yard warp of wool yarns ,thread and beam on, then take home the ready to weave winter ruanna  threaded beamed on warp..

  Threading using the saori threading holder Saori threading holder.
Taking a break for lunch we ate on the deck. Deb wanted to try on some of my Saori clothing pieces
my saori hand woven designed clothing here in my Etsy shop

 "Parrots of telegraph hill" jacket.

Now it is time to beam on that 12 yard threaded warp!  

  Beautiful shades of charcoal, browns, greens, and boucle's she chose.

 Beamed on ,tensioned and ready to go into her luggage  back home for her waiting wx60 loom.
 All tied up neatly , wow like giving  birth! Excited !


DAY 5 finishing the Beach warp scarf on the piccolo loom .The early moring light and cool breeze gave quiet weaving time and a chance to learn three colored yarn clasped weft.

Isa dropped by to pick out some weaving yarns  to buy organic cotton 8/2 weaving yarn cones
and visited with Deb and got to witness the unfurling of Debs ocean scarf!

  check out Isa's cool top she wove and designed, and her hand spun and woven bag! the strap is backed with bicycle tire tube.

  We are at the end of Deb's 5 day intensive  Saori weaving retreat  and at the end of her scarf warp.

 TA DA! Gorgeous !

  She will twist fringes and soak thge scarf at home. We ate lunch and then Deb had a plane to catch….
Thank you Deb for  being a great  person with wonderful stories and for being a  delightful quick to learn student , we had such a good time! I hope your new Saori skills will bring you much creativity and joy at your Saori looms.

I received a lovely email from Deb :

"I definitely have to agree with Jon I deserve  a congratulations for choosing such a great teacher!! … . I am mostly resting today and looking at the(Saori) books.  There was so much to see in your studio - the colors alone were life sustaining and the way you put them together in clothes - oh my! " Deb 

Peaceful weaving from the redwoods to the sea
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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  1. Thanks so much for posting these lovely pictures of my magical time learning more about Saori, feasting on your great food and laughing together. I treasure these memories!! Deb

  2. Hi Deb
    I saw the most amazing progress , confidence , and willingness to be adventurous occur durning the 5 days of classes . What growth and excitment! It was so nice to meet you, never a dull minute!
    Peaceful Weaving


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