Monday, July 21, 2014

The Saori wedding dress. chapter two….. and the weaving begins

Kori is progressing so nicely on her new Saori WX60 loom weaving her own wedding dress fabric. The natural cotton warp she wound and threaded is the perfect canvas for her hand spun plant dyed yarn wefts.  I am attaching her wonderful letter to me

Beamed on cotton warp at the studio ….
 chaining her warp at Saori Santa Cruz

 learning to thread
She lives in a yurt in the Santa Cruz mountains. She is hand spinning and hand dyed most of her weft yarn and fiber using natural plant dyes and weaving  now from her home..

"Hi Jill!

I told you I would send these ( photos and updates) on Tuesdays, but I am going to make it Mondays as it is going so quickly!

I am having so much fun :) Pictures below, hard to get good ones as the lighting in our yurt is pretty poor. Trying to come up with a vision for the finished piece, but ultimately just having a good time watching what happens to colors in the white warp! I want the overall feeling to be light/white, but I also want to incorporate my plant dyed colors :) Love love love the most recent section where I loosely carded together and spun dark brown and white alpaca for a warm, wonderfully speckled gray.

Have woven 4 yards since we beamed on Thursday. I am loving the peace silk and camel/tussah blend--really fun to spin and also to combine with other fibers! May need to come back for more, we'll see how much longer it lasts... Back to work this week, but at this rate I may finish sooner than I thought.
Kori    "

"just getting started (thursday afternoon)"

 "Light blue from my woad and indigo plants--having to choose colors carefully, much of my plant dyed yarn is very bright/saturated."

"Sunday evening 4 yards later--2/3rds of the warp to go... seems like it is going quickly."

"browns from camel/silk and naturally colored fleece.."

"Having trouble with the yurt lighting for the photos... colors are appearing duller than they actually are. Fabric is so soft! Really happy with it :)"

"Purples from redwood and dyer's puffball, blues from Japanese indigo and woad…"

"Greens from willow and hollyhock, grays from lightly carded and spun fleece--blacks, browns, and whites... Alpaca, Romeldale, BFL, and Rambouillet... Whites--many different fleeces and silk (both machine and hand spun)."

'You can tell your friend who is worried about the September heat that the fabric is soft, light, and airy-- thank goodness :) If the evening is cool, I will need a shrug. May be a little warm in the barn for dancing... but that would probably be true no matter what I wore :)


 Thank you Kori for the lovely photos ,text and descriptions . Your wedding dress fabric is fabulous.
peaceful weaving and spinning  from the redwoods to the sea

Jill Nickolene
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