Monday, July 28, 2014

Saori wedding dress chapter 3 and a few other things at Saori Santa Cruz

The last day of the Tour De Feece was on Sunday and I spun some Louet merino silk blue fiber and plied it with my Louet Karaoke fiber for a really lovely soft  colored skein. It was a "casually spun" skein.
 Some many in my ravelry group" weaving in the saori" way did amazing yarns for TDF check out the ravelry groups spinning

  I love my Louet S10 double treddle with the louet art yarn flyer and bulky bobbin

 This is my 40 year old Clemes and Clemes  niddy noddy which I love . They still make them the same  only  better a  wee bit beefier now . (it has a removable  metal pin still)  so wonderful more about them here clems niddy noddy


 One of my absolutely favorite jackets I designed and wove on my saori loom and sewed  the artists yarn palate jacket sold today. I am so pleased the buyer knows about Saori and it's philosphy and it is  now flying away to a happy new home .


The third chaper of Kori's wedding dress  progress…….( if you missed the first two chapters go back here)  Kori's wedding dress chapter one  and to this one Kori's saori woven wedding dress chapter two

"Hey Jill it has been a busy week with  work and family visting….. I have woven 8 yards as of today!
ooxx Kori

  ( Kori has dyed silk fabric strips with indigo  to add  to her weaving ," something blue".)

Peace through fibers
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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