Thursday, July 17, 2014

The beginning of a tale of a Saori wedding dress.

Meet Kori my Saori weaving student.  Congratulations Kori ! She is getting married in just about two months and she is weaving the fabric on her brand  new Wx60 Saori loom for her wedding dress. Since she will be weaving the fabric at home she has promissed me she will be sending me updates and photos once a week!  I will  be available for design consulting  ( I designed and sewed wedding dresses for many brides in my own business , Heart Gallery Dressmaking ,for many years).

It started with Kori picking out  yarns . Un mercerized , un bleached natural 100% cotton group of yarns.
There are several white slub cotton rayon and cotton linen textured yarns she wanted to add here and there too.

  Winding a long wide warp on the saori warping frame and stand using 5 cones  and 5 strands of yarn at one time using  only your thumb to make the cross cuts the warpping time down dramatically! in just two hours she was done with a 300 end warp 14 yards long.

 Chaining off the warp of the warping frame.

 Sleying the ready with the Saori cross protector/holder
  Threading the heddles with the saori threading holder away from the loom took only another two hours. she will return in two days.

Kori is back  today with her Wx60 loom all assembled and we are ready to beam on the warp.
 Look at this cool saori  hand woven piece  she has sewn onto a T shirt  !
She used handspun fibers she spun….. In fact she will be spinning most of the weft for her wedding dress warp! She bought some Eri silk louet spinning fiber to spin  yarn (when she is not working or weaving ) to add to her own aready spun yarns  she has been saving and collecting!  she also naturally dyes her own yarns.

 We hung the threaded warp on her loom and now we beamed on.

 NO threading errors! now she ready to take her loom home and start weaving
 It is just beautiful!!!
 It's looking like a wedding dress fabric to me already !!!

Very excited!  In  just two seconds she folded her loom  with 14 yards of warp, she easily put it into her car and away she drove …..
 Stay tuned for futher updates as they occur….like they say!

peace through fibers
Jill Nickolene 


  1. This is amazing! Can't wait to follow her progress. Such a wonderful idea!!

  2. love seeing the whole process of the weaving of this dress - can't figure out how to comment at the other end of this beautiful tour of the birthing of the fabric - Thanks for posting this Jill!


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