Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lets wind a SAORI warp

When new students arrive to wind a warp for a first time it is because I have asked them many questions and balanced out if they  are ready to do so, or I could pre warp a loom for them to see if they want to try weaving right away..
My new student was really ready to learn the basics because she had woven back in the 70's and was familiar with some of the methods.
 She was amazingly fast and thorough and  in the first class she wound a warp , sleyed the read, threaded the heddles and beamed on for a scarf!  inventive unique Saori equipment makes warping fun.

 First stop many yarn choices to chose from for her  own  unique scarf .

 next winding her warps learning were to make the cross so that the headle threading goes smoothly, with out tangles. the SAORI warping frame is a true delight to use. I have owned dozens of warping reels/boards but this one is adjustable, has slanted pegs so that the warps do not slip off, as a otpional stand for free standing, cone holders, and a unique system were you can wind  up to 5 threads at one using only your thumb not needing  warping paddles and spool racks.

  And this little beauty  is the SAORI cross holder, no lease sticks ! lay your  cross in easily then  have your cross ready and quickly reachable for getting  the yarns in the correct sucession.

 sleying the reed, then she threaded her heddles.

 beamined on now tensioning the warps and trying on the rod.

 love her beautiful yarn color choices.

  packed warps, now she  is all ready to start weaving next week.

peaceful weaving and gratefulness to have the power finely on!


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