Monday, January 2, 2012

Sewing a Saori flag/banner

Our  local mountain group/guild , Mavens Of The Fiber Forest (c) group in November , wove a collective  saori cloth using predominately hand spun weft yarn  spun by the group .

This week I got around to cutting and sewing the the flag. Next week we will embellish it and felt our name on . We meet for saint distaff's day, or also know as roc day. roc day info we always have a celebration doing something fibery .

I wanted to remember my mothers passing in 2010  around this time of year.
I inherited her singer featherweight sewing maching so instead of using any of  my other  sewing machines  I brought it  up  to the studio near the wood stove to sew the banner . She bought it in the 1960's I was with her when she did. She was a very good seamstress and made ends meet by sewing and doing alterations for others in our small rural town when I was a child.  When I recieved the box with the machine in it I pulled it out and the pice of cloth under the presser foot was the cloth of the last dress she sewed on it, a dress for me. It had been  untouched for more that 40 yrs. Memories flooded through me.
I had it serviced but they told me it was virtually like new, only a new belt and oiling etc. was needed and a bobbin winder repair.
The hum of the motor, the smell of the oil was very comforting.

 So untill we add beads ,ribbons  etc. and I add one more piece of pipe to plant the banner, this is how it looks so far. So thank you mom .Your legacy of sewing lives on.

peaceful weaving

Jill Nickolene


  1. so sweet of you to share your beautiful memories of your mom!, thank you

  2. Beautiful story, beautiful banner!

  3. Thank you greencactusdesign.
    My mother and I did not get along very well.
    Sewing was a big thing we could relate together with each other .
    So this is is a peaceful good memory and I am very grateful for having had this connection in my life and have gotten my moms DNA for sewing .


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