Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exceptional saori students!

As last week progressed more fantastic creativity abounded . Thursday we had a wind storm that took our power out for 5 days, no genterator. we hand fun any way, no power needed with a wood stove and Saori weaving.

 Here is the  amazing baskets of off the loom saori weavings she created and brought to share.

DID I FORGET HOW TO SPIN? no I did not I can still spin, yay!

 Robin learned to wind a warp using the saori warping frame.
 sleying her reed using the threading holder.

 ok the weaving stride hit and the goal 6 yards so that  that  she  can recreate the sleevless hooded jacket she addored. with her own wool weaving.
 with the reed sleyed robin moved on to threading her heddles, comfortably away from the loom in a chair. the enitire package will be taken home to her loom, harness  hung then beamed on.

peaceful weaving

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