Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A glimps into Saori Santa Cruz fiber arts studio the first few days of this week

How much fun and new saori  learning weaving experiences abounded this week in the studio. I will break it up into a few days at a time .
from winding warps, to sewing , weaving, and learning to spin .We, shared , and had fabulous fun.
my frist student works with non profits and has  many disabled clients. she wanted to see how the shuttle shelf worked and also since she has a saori loom with 4 inside sets, which allows her to use one loom for 5 clients. By removing the the current warp with out re threading any thing , we put on a new  inside set quickly, it is good to pratice that procedure.

 The shuttle shelf above that allows a student with limited hand movement to throw the shuttle with out it falling to the ground.

 the shuttle shelf come off and on easily and quickly.

 preparing  to exchange the "saori inside set"

 I have a ritual I do every day, I have a basket of folded quotes  that I have printed out and I have my students choose one with out looking.
This was one, extreamly appropriate .

learning to spin is a craft I love to teach but this week I called my friend maggie in to help so that I could concertrate  on other students weaving. What a wonderful  fun time was had. joyful fiber!!!! thank you maggie.

 wheel #1 was balking at spinning art yarn so we switched to the majacraft aura, and away she went, giggling with delight!

 first skein of art yarn, her requect, done and niddy noddy-ed off

A gift from my student, a pastel drawn from one of her disabled students.

4 harness weaving

over night a spindle was lent so that spinning could be praticed. 
Here is her first spindle spun mini skein .

  Trying on various garments I have sewen from saori yaradage is fun.
This one is the homage to 7yr. old weavers vest. she bought this for her daughters 18 birthday!

The amazing  hooded sleevless jacket that looks fantastic on everyone!

peace in weaving



  1. I wish you had a search feature so I could see if you blogged about the jacket at the end. Blogger has a search bar (in layout).

    1. thank you hatdiva
      if you go to the bottom onf this post and click on the next 3 or 4 "newer"posts you will see the woman wearing my tunic is weaving cutting and sewing one of her own in the same design only with her saori weaving and in wools.


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