Saturday, February 6, 2021

my love of sewing my Saori weaving into garments

My second blog for 2021 is about my saori weaving cut and sewn into my designs for wearable are…

Let me start with "painting with  threads " duster next blog will have more clothing and accessories, but i want to reserve this one just for this duster.

it started back in november I looked through my saved Saori stashed weavings and decided to sew a new coat…  first I designed it then made a muslin to make sure it would fit and to make sure I had enough yardage as well  then I started cutting out 

I wanted gussets but i was running out yardage so I went into my  hand woven stash and found some contrasting saori yardage that I ended up using.

This is my main yardage woven in 2018 all this is mostly cottons.

 first basting together check for fit this took me another month from the cutting out…..

 then I needed  think on the details  still incubating….

I added  the collar and lapels worked on the lower sleeves another month went by as the piece slowly emerges.

finely it told me " I am done! just 2 days ago I finished it .



how do I feel about  IT?
Well I feel exhilarated  when i see it! And have it on .. 
the main woven fabric was not one of my favorites at all in fact it was rather ugly to me! ! That is why it seems so magical now! Everyone should just weave lots of yardage any color ! It is only then that you can get past your mind influencing you in its over used stale color combos ! You need to banish those thoughts from creeping in! Never be afraid of color! Color is a room of friends from all over the globe full of diversity and intrigue!

peace through fibers 
Jill Nickolene Sanders



  1. Hey Jill, your coat is fabulous, I love the colours and style. I weave and sew my own clothing so I can imagine the time involved designing and creating your lovely new creation. 🤗 Lynette

    1. Thank you lynette that means a lot coming from another designer/sewer 😍


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