Saturday, February 6, 2021

checking in from SAORI SANTA CRUZ and catching up from a few months break, reviewing the spinolution Paulywinder .

 Hi everone!  I am fine, I took a break for a few months with covid 19 peaking,  the usa election and and the capitol insurgence ,the weird holidays, I just kind of wanted to crawl under my bed  till calmness prevailed ! but all along I was spinning  weaving and sewing  this will be  my first of two  catch up blogs!

I would like to start off with a review of the SPINOLUTION PAULYWINDER ! what is the paulywinder? well if you spinners know about the woolee winder company it is similar but this one is totally engineered by Mike Pauly the  founder and CEO of spinolution. 

the only thing it has in comon with the wooleewinder is the fact you do not have to stop and move your yarn manualy over hooks to distribute it on the bobbin. the spinolution paulywinder is AMAZING.

The paulywinder does not have intricate gears or special bobbins needed with cogs, nor does it have that tug that wooleewinders have. instead you use your regualr spinolution standard bobbins, or the 3 d printed ones . The filling up is automatic but it is gentle natural draw in , it also handels fatter singles like in the photos i spun a thick thin yarn . i put the paulywinder on my 16 oz bullfrog flyer. it was great BUT i realized that with the spinolution models  that you can not change heads with ie ( the bees, bull frog) i could only spin with the pauly winder not change it out to spin other thickness of yarns! so I took it off my bullfrog and put it on the firefly 16 oz head instead, because that flyer is interchangable.

I put my spinolution skein winder accessory on the built in bull frog lazy kate and skeined  off my yarn.

 my merino silk singles and plied coils… clearly I am in love with the paulywinder! 

here is the extender for the firefly so you can use the paulywinder  easily 

now my paulywinder is on firefly but you can change out heads( flyers) on ther spinolution monarch, and echo models as well

 and I am happily spinng away in bliss!

 the bobbin filling has hills and valleys  along the way but no worries , it is more organic but it eventually evens out to a nicely wound bobbin .

once you adjust ther fulcrum screw ( mine need the slightest small turn ) you are good to sit back and spin and spin and spin and spin i had 8 oz spun in no time!

 I switched out my 16oz head  on my firefly with the paulywinder on it  for the 32 oz , and plied this silk Blend singles into art yarn…( still in progress)

catch me destressing with my spinolution wheels weekly! spinolution firefly here 

see all the spinolution wheels and accessories here spinolution listings in my ETSY shop but if you need more info or want to buy email me my email 

peace through fibers  Jill Nickolene Sanders

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