Thursday, October 15, 2015

Teaching Saori Weaving at the studio this past week ….

Meet Sally and Tina ….. sisters  ….they have traveled to California from Wisconson for a Vacation and to visit family and scheduled two days of Saori weaving at my studio in Santa Cruz  mountains .

Tina has  lovely handspun yarns she brought with her so I wound a warp for a scarf  . here she is  trying out the CROSS HOLDER and  THREADING HOLDER  on a WX60 loom  .

Tina's hand spun yarns.

 Sally is a first time (in a  very long time ) weaver so her focus was tecnique and getting the feel for a  WX60 SAORI LOOM.

 Tina's saori jacket she wove back home in the saori style, sooo creative.

Beamed on and threaded time to weave….

 Sally winding 4 cones of yarn on the saori cone winder accessory creating her own unique yarn.

Adventures with the SAORI COMB REED tecniques on Sally's piece.


 A days worth of weaving first sally's unfurls from the loom


 Now Tina's amazing scarf!

 Just gorgeous ! So exciting!

Sally's will be a window cloth!

Stay tuned they will return this week on there way back to the train conection for another day of 

Jill Nickolene 

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