Monday, October 26, 2015

Saori weaving giving back to the local community : teaching weaving to children in the schools

This past week I finished at Pacific Elementary School  teaching Saori weaving to the 2- 6th grade classes I want to share mine and their incredible weaving experience.

The two art teachers Joye and Barkley these last  few weeks Learned right along with the students and they were very helpful cutting threads and helping advance the looms and handing out unspun fibers to the weavers...

This was the last weaving class  with them till the spring. The students were so excited to return to the looms again this week  ! The intrest  level very  high!  

 They remembered  what to do...

 The pumpkin patch showed up on one of the  students section !

 While the remainder  of the students waited there turn at the saori floor looms I  brought round looms I had warped ahead of time so that they could learn a different type of weaving ! They really enjoyed weaving on those as well!  In the spring I will over  the  round cirle looms to be taken home so that the students can continue to weave was quite sucessful too!

 I heard feed back a few days later..  from the head teacher  MS B ,plus  Joye an Barkley,  " Even the few older  rowdy boys who are  typically disruptive were so engrossed  during these classes that there were virtually  no problems what so ever", AND THIS , " a few of the students have  trouble because of birth defects, and have spacial  problems  BUT  they  all did really great  with no problems , THANK YOU SOOO MUCH."

 Saori weaving is for all ages and abilities

 Class was almost over time  unfurl the Saori loom woven fabrice  woven by every student over the past  few weeks classes .

 The excitment was that of christmas morning! Once the weavings were untethered  from the looms the children instinctively  all joined in and got into a line and danced around the class room making up songs and saying with each new pice as it emerged from the loom" we are a dragon "  they scintillated round and round and up and down touching and loving every piece!

 " That is my section  I wove there !  see!"

 More Dragon parades!

Rather like  kittens or puppies playing they rolled  around  on the 5 banners ecstatically !

 quiet time …..reading away peacefully….

 I left the weavings down on the floor till they went to lunch. some students read on them .
Joyful but a feeling of accomplishment and fullment with each and every student including the teachers ! I held back tears of joy.
I took the weavings  home mounted them on branches twisted the fringes sewed on some Saori lables (they were a gift from from another saori studio owner that brought back from  japn for me this summer ) I sent  the finished weavings back to the class room where  they  will be  hung . I will ask someone to take a photo and I will post it when i get it ….   the plan is they will be auctioned off in a fund raiser this spring ..

Jill Nickolene


  1. Jill, what an amazing time--for the students and for you, too!


    1. Thanks melody, it was a fabulous time for everyone! The Magic of weaving!
      Jill peace through fibers


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